Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Summer Spent the Right Way!

We spent our entire summer outside, the way all summers should be spent.  We unplugged from all but the most basic of technology and had an absolute ball with our family.

We did a LOT of roping. 
The kids are getting better every week.

The kids competed in rodeos,  horse shows,  ranch events, and trail classes.

They had a saddle on their horses nearly every day this summer...

except when they rode bareback.

We rode through the most gorgeous countryside around...our mountain backyard.

And when we could pry the kids off their horses, we hiked mountains.

And when we weren't hiking mountains, the kids were showing their steers.

And when they weren't showing steers, hiking mountains, riding trails, going to shows and rodeos, or learning to rope, they were checking cows, irrigating, and filling stock tanks.... you know.... the "mundane" stuff.

It's going to be hard to drag the kids back inside after an epic summer like this, but it's once again time to start another year of homeschooling.  We still have many things to look forward to including the county fair and a few more shows, but those things will have to be pushed to the weekends as we crack open our new school books and begin a different type of learning than what is offered to a kid on the back of a horse in summertime.  Instead of creating their own adventures, they will have to read about someone else's in the pages of books during the week days.

Soaking up the last few moments of summer,