Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick and Easy Tissue Holder

I found the cutest project for my daughter to make on Martha Stewart.Com.  It's the perfect craft for teaching beginning hand sewing.  We had so much fun making these and can't wait to give them away as Valentine gifts.

Here's the link to the project on Martha's site:

Here's how ours turned out.  We made these for about 50 cents each.  Cheap, fun and cute!

Start with a 7" x 5.5" piece of felt. Trim the edges with pinking shears.

Next, fold the felt so that the sides meet in the middle.  Pin both sides folded flat.

Using embroidery floss, do a simple running stitch along both edges to make a pouch.

It will look like this when finished.

Then use some left over felt to make an embellishment. Flowers with a button in the middle, initials, and butterflies would all be cute.

Pin it on and sew it with a running stitch.

Put in a package of pocket sized tissue, and you're done!

I've seen these made with cotton fabrics as well. They sure make tissue packets look cuter.

Have a beautiful day!



  1. That is very cute! I really need a small tissue holder for my desk at work! That would be perfect! Cute craft! xo

  2. Hey, found your blog via Jennifer^, looks like we have a bit in common. Can't wait to read more!

    The tissue holder is cute, cute!

  3. So cute! How did you hide the stitching knots ( at the start and end)?

    1. I just hid the knots in between the fabric so they wouldn't show from the outside. In other words, If you peaked inside where you put the tissue packet, you would see the knots. Hope this helps!