Monday, April 23, 2012

Trying to Teach Kids Who Would Rather Climb Trees

Here's where I found my girls at 6:30 this morning. High up in a My boy was practicing roping a bucket. No breakfast consumed. No teeth brushed, no hair combed. They threw on clothes and ran straight outside to soak up the gorgeous weather before the dreaded school day began. 

Do you know what this means? It means that we've officially started the toughest teaching days of the year. The ones where I torture my children by making them stay seated inside to do school work while they longingly gaze out the window to the sunny world outside.  Who am I fooling? This mama is just as ready to soak up the sun as my kids are. After the morning seat-work is complete, we eagerly move the classroom to the great outdoors. The kids read to me on the back porch. The girls practice spelling words while hoola-hooping in the grass, and my son recites history facts while swinging a rope in the air.  And I....well, I conduct this three-ring- circus while sitting in a chair in the sunshine.

Ahhhh the perks of homeschooling!

The days and weeks are all starting to run together this time of year, and if it weren't for my iPhone calendar reminding me where I have to be at all times, I'd be wandering around aimlessly. The weekend flew by in a flash with baseball practices, and 4-H horse meetings.  The kids worked on their riding events in our local rodeo arena.  The bleachers are so high and steep that it turns my stomach to go to the top.

After Sunday morning worship, I spent the whole day painting the eaves of the house, and one of the bathrooms. Not exactly exciting blogging material, but it was finally warm enough to paint with the windows open.

Today, my mother-in-law spoiled me by taking me for a spring pedicure. Thanks MIL!!! The salon lady even painted a flower on my toes. This means that flip flop season has arrived! I kept the picture small for my readers who hate toe pics, but for those of you with giant computer screens, sorry for the extreme close-up.

Have a fabulous week, everyone!


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  1. Your toes are cute!! And my goodness, those bleachers do look treacherous!
    Ah, I remember the days being in the house doing school, when the weather was so beautiful!