Monday, May 28, 2012

Spreading our Culinary Wings and Crash Landing

Sometimes my husband just surprises the heck out me. Last week, my meat and potatoes fella took me out on a date and ate sushi with me.  He even used chopsticks...with the kiddie cheater things attached. ;) I didn't order the raw stuff, but it was still waaaaay out of his comfort zone to eat anything from a sushi bar. We had a coconut shrimp/avocado roll with sweet chili sauce. So tasty! He said he loved it!

Then this weekend, he continued his adventurousness when we went to our local healthy cafe to get chicken salad sandwiches to-go. When the waitress walked by with a shot of wheat grass that had been juiced, it peaked his interest. She talked him into ordering a healthy smoothie from the juice bar. It's called the "Green Machine". Here's what it had in it:

Wheat grass, Spinach, kale, parsley, pineapple, carrot, apple, and honey.

Truthfully, it smelled EXACTLY like the hay pellets we feed the horse. E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.

Here's the crazy part. It cost 7 bucks!!!!! That's OUTRAGEOUS!

We each had a few sips and it was slightly alright. As in, you could drink it but it tastes like you took a big bite out of the cow pasture, alright.

We decided it needed ice, so we took it home and poured it over crushed ice.  It didn't improve the flavor any.  We took a few more sips, and just couldn't stomach another swig.  We couldn't think of a single additive that would make it palatable.  Even though it was $7.00 and we could have purchased half a bale of hay or a bag of alfalfa pellets for that price, we decided to walk away from "The Green Machine" and cut our financial losses.

Here's what it looked like an hour later....3 seconds before I dumped "The Green Machine" down the drain.

It looks so appetizing that you want to blend one up right away, don't you?

Eeeeeeewwwwww.  So gross.

That's probably what it looked like in the pit of my belly where it lingered for hours.  If this is what healthy living is about, then I'll stick to Dr. Pepper.

Living and Learning,



  1. Yikes! And I thought I was adventurous last week by secretly adding some spinach into our breakfast smoothies. I was told that you wouldn't taste it. It took a lot of strawberries to hit the flavour from my kids!
    Now I'l go and find a can of Pepsi!!

  2. Looks like something I saw at the bottom of a pond once...

    Well, chalk one up for adventure!

  3. Ew, looks like trough water!!

  4. Ew is right, I agree with Jenn, it looks like trough water! No thanks, and agree again that you could buy half a bale of hay, or half a sack of feed, gee whiz!

  5. I just wandered over here and am late for the party, but there is nothing, NOTHING, that can be done to make wheat grass palatable. I'd rather eat plain brewer's yeast. Blech!