Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Remedy

If you have grown cynical of society, and find yourself in the doldrums over the current headlines and state of the world... FEAR NOT!

A simple trip to the county fair is sure to restore a portion of your faith in humanity. It's certain to refresh your mind and renew your love of this great country we call home.

After a day of fair festivities, you will witness that each event still starts with a beautiful corporate prayer, our national anthem, Old Glory proudly displayed for all to see, and a moment of silence for our soldiers who fight for our freedoms.

You will be reassured to know that volunteerism is alive and well as scores of adults painstakingly donate their time to the development of our youth. They help them with their fair projects, coach them in their events, offer sage wisdom and good advice, and take the time to make children feel like they are unique and special.

If you wake up before the sun each morning, you will find hundreds of young folks making their way through the entry gates sleepy-eyed,  arriving at the fair grounds with muck boots, shovels, and feed in tow. They feed their livestock, clean their stalls, and groom their animals before they've even had breakfast.  They are hard working. They are faithful. They are dependable. They are respectful. They are a bright spot in today's youth.

Most importantly, you will find a merging of small businesses, individuals, families, grandparents, and neighbors who share a common vision for our community. They know that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders.  They are present at every event, donating money, time, and resources to our children.  They purchase livestock, cheer in the grandstands, and are generous with encouragement. Their handshakes, pats on the back, and genuine interest in the kids' projects builds relationships, and bridges a gap between the generations.

Bottom line: If you need a day of lighthearted fun and warm fuzzy feelings, seek out a fair to attend. It's a chance to appreciate the simple things in life; a blue ribbon jar of jam, a hand-sewn quilt, a fitted up show steer, kids eating kettle corn with sticky fingers, and the aroma of tasty treats wafting through the fairgrounds. Everyone needs a break from the mundane, and the fair is just the ticket for refreshment.

After a week at the county fair, my family is bursting with love for our community. We are home now, and all of the chaos and excitement of the week is beginning to fade.  After unloading the camper, cleaning out the stock trailer, and sorting through a mountain of laundry, we are able to reflect back on a great fair experience. I'll be sharing small little snippets of the fair throughout the rest of the week on my blog because there are too many special interest stories to write about in just one post.

Have a fabulous fall day!



  1. Excellent Post. We are looking forward to our state fair soon. - Carmen

  2. Our fair starts tomorrow beginning with a parade.....can't wait!! Like any true-blooded American, I am looking forward to the deliciously scrumptious foods that one can only find at these fairs!

  3. Love this post! I love the County Fair I am sad we missed it this year.... Sounds like you guys had a great time. Can't wait to read the rest of the posts.