Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Brand Plaque without a Home for Display

A great friend made us this beautiful plaque with our family's brand to hang above the door bell at the front door. I've always thought that it would be neat to have our brand in the spot that folks would ordinarily put a name plaque or house numbers.  He went home with an idea in his head, and came back with a welded masterpiece.

Here's what the metal looked like when it came to us. He left it plain so I could finish it however I thought it would look best.

I thought a rustic copper finish would make it look fabulous, so I spray painted the whole thing with a very dark brown metallic paint. After it dried, I took some brushed copper toll paint, and lightly went over the edges and a few spots here and there with a dry sponge brush to give it an old rubbed copper look.


Now we just need to find a place to call home, so it can have a permanent location to shine.  We're growing weary of being unsettled as we continue our search for a new home.  Our rental house is now under contract to be sold by the end of October, and unless it falls through, we will be moving.....again.

This month is already busy with weaning and working calves, building fence, and moving cows around.  Now it looks like we'll have to add packing, and moving to the already full schedule.

The prospective buyers fell in love with the way I decorated the home, and they told their realtor that they could really picture themselves in the house. So they made an offer.  The house has been up for sale for 4 years, so I'm certain the owner is thrilled!  A realtor asked if I would be interested in "staging" homes for sale in the spring when the market picks up.  I barely have the time to decorate my own house, let alone other people's. It looks like I decorated my way right out of a rental home! HA!

We are always up for a new adventure, but we would like to be settled before winter wraps its bone-chilling fingers around this part of the world.

Would you pray with us that we either find a home with a nice piece of land, or a suitable rental home with a wood stove that will get us through the long, cold season ahead while we continue our search?

We could sure use it! Thank you.

Enjoy this beautiful fall season while it lasts,



  1. Great brand! I love the finish you did on it.

    I guess there really is something to that whole home staging thing. I can't fathom basing your home purchase on how the previous people decorated it, but I guess there are plenty of folks who work that way. Will pray that God abundantly provides for your needs, in ways you never thought possible.

  2. That is a way cool plaque! Our prayers and thoughts to you and your family that you find a permanent spot to hang that beautiful piece of art.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT PLAQUE! Wow...would love to have one with our brand...hubby would think that was cool!
    Praying the same prayer as LeAnna...God WILL provide for your needs...ABUNDANTLY!
    Thinking of ya! Hugs.

  4. The last two houses we sold the new owners wanted me to leave some of my wall adornments .Love your brand. Prayers coming your way!

  5. Love your new plaque! I had no idea about the home. Darn, how is the search going? You can come decorate my home :) I loved yours when I was there. God will provide in time, you guys are faithful and will be rewarded..Praying for you.. xo

  6. Love your plaque!!
    Oh how stressful... prayers a new home is found asap!