Monday, December 2, 2013

You can't HANDLE the cuteness!

This is my birthday gift from my husband. I was sooo surprised! That man knows the way to my heart. He picked a good one, that's for sure.

I really heart my pup. Like, a lot. 

Love at first sight, you might say.

His name is Tater, but we also call him Tater Bug, Tater Tot, Taters and Gravy, and just plain ole' Tate.

He's the softest, fluffiest, tiniest little ball of fur I've ever seen.  He has puppy breath, tiny little shark teeth, and a little pink tongue.

Tater is a red tri- merle Australian Shepherd, and he's smart as a lick. In fact, he's sooo smart that if you don't give him a job, he'll get into mischief.  He instinctively herds anything that moves. This includes other dogs, small children, birds, and the cat.  

Our other animals hope that he will go away very soon because he is ruining their retirement. All of their leisure time outside is spent with Tater orbiting around them, licking them, biting their ears, and wanting to play. An old dog's worst nightmare.

It's nice to have some young blood around here.  It keeps everyone on their toes. Tater's potty trained already, but we have a LONG road ahead to make him into a good cowdog. Thankfully, his instincts are strong, and he's eager to learn. Now if I can just keep him from gnawing on my slippers, he'd be the perfect gentleman.

In puppy love,



  1. OMG!!! He is a sweetie! Grandpa's dog had 7 unexpected pups. I grabbed 2 and got rid of the rest. There was 4 that were red/white with blue eyes. OMG! They are SO SO fun! Just 8 weeks yesterday....Everyone is getting along...even with the herding.LOL Enjoy your new little friend.

  2. He is soooo cute! Glad you had a great birthday!