Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Branding Time

Over the years we have branded calves any and every way possible just to get the job done.  Our kids were so little that they weren't much of a help, and the bulk of the work fell on my husband and me.  I remember being frustrated as I held toddlers on my hip thinking that the diapering days would never be over, and the work would never get easier.

Well, time went by in a FLASH!  Now we've got 3 kids that totally pull their weight around here, and are real hands when it comes to working cattle. I am a typical mother, in that I stare at my babies who are growing up right before my eyes, and I want to go straight back to diapers and make it all last longer. Women can be so wishy-washy.  

This weekend we got together with good friends and we gathered up odds and ends that needed branding. We only had about 30 calves to brand so we decided to take our time and let the kids do most of the work. Our boy finally got to rope and drag calves to the fire.  He LOVED it!

Our oldest daughter prefers to grab calves by the back leg and drag them over for branding.  Behind that pretty smile is one tough cowgirl!

Our littlest girl prepped ear tags and brought the castration bucket over to us.  She's also a big help to her dad while gathering.

Next up, weaning and selling our bulls.  We're soaking up the last few weeks of  temperatures in the 60's before we prepare for the long winter ahead.

Time moves so quickly these days,



  1. Love Love your pictures. The kids are getting so big! The weather has been absolutely fantastic. I am dreading the winter... We need to get together soon! xo

  2. Beautiful country! Kinda like around here....
    No more calves here...just our replacement heifers....weaned and outta here...just some bawling mamas!
    Your kids look like some awesome help!
    Your cowgirl is one tough cookie! Dragging those kicking hind legs! Tough! Way to go girl! Show them boys how to do it!

  3. I love seeing families work together!