Thursday, March 29, 2012

Calves, Tan Lines, and Duck Romance

My Father-in-law graciously took over the heifer watch for us so we could come home and get a good night's sleep followed by a full day to do laundry and housework.  Our jeans were so filthy they could stand up in the corner, and if I waited another day, we might not have had any clean underwear left. He might of just sent us home because we were starting to smell bad. I don't know. At any rate, I'm so thankful for him!

Here's the tiniest of our calves so far.  She came two weeks early to one of our heifers. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in spunk. She was up and nursing right away, and keeping up with her mama just hours after she was born.

Some of our heifers are Black Angus/ Limousine/ Maine Anjou crosses, and they were bred to a Red Angus calving ease bull. So I guess this calf is the very definition of  "hybrid vigor". She's got a great  mama who loves her to pieces!

It's been so warm out, and I've spent so much time out with the cows, that I've got the most awful farmer's tan. Perhaps I need to adapt my husband's habit of wearing long sleeves year-round.  Sorry for the graphic picture, but I'm just trying to keep it real around here.

The weather's been so nice that the snow-pack on the mountain is starting to melt a bit early this year, and the river near our pasture is beginning to swell past its banks.

 Latte anyone?

Just kidding. It's a foamy swirl in the river.

I saved the best for last! When I got home, my favorite visitors  were waiting for me!! That's right, Harry and Mildred are back at the little watering hole across the road for the spring.  Every year I anticipate their arrival, and wonder how they fared through the winter.  It looks like they are doing swell, but I'm beginning to suspect that Harry has a new gal this year. Where's the old Mildred?  If you haven't read the gripping story about these two love birds, then you must click HERE to acquaint yourself with their romance. It's one for the history books.

I've rambled enough for today,



  1. Oh, she's as cute as can be, that's for sure!!
    Yes'm, I've very well adapted to wearing long sleeve shirts when out working along the hubby, I may be hotter than a two dollar pistol, but I stop getting blistered.

    Love that the river is running, that's beautiful, and love the ducks!

  2. I got a nice farmers tan myself, when I was out riding the other day.
    Whew! Look at all that water... amazing!

  3. A New York tan = tanning salon.
    Randi - tanning salon = no tan!!!
    LOVE the beautiful bronze skin!! You put the NY babes to shame! I love Harry and Mildred......their love story sounds like a Jane Austin novel!