Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Instagram Tidbits

It's that time of year when I look at everyone's blogs and they are filled with the newness of green growth and spring while the world around me is still brown, dead, and windy. (I have a bad attitude about the month of March. Can you tell?)  The only color in my house is coming from the tulips I bought at the store to brighten the kitchen table up. Spring comes really late to our mountain.

My husband checked the heifers and sent me this picture on my iPhone.  The heifer in the middle looks so huge it's comical to see her waddle around the pasture. I'm having sympathy pains for her. The kids think she's having twins. Calving season starts in a few short weeks! 

Some friends of ours are moving and gave us a dozen young laying hens that they couldn't take with them!

That means we're back in the egg business! No more store bought eggs for us!

They even gave us a Turken hen. Have you ever seen a Turken? They're also called Transylvania Naked Necked chickens.  I don't quite know what to think of her. She's so ugly she's kind of cute.

My dad came up for a visit, and we're watching Dozer for him. The dog comes in to our bedroom and puts his paws on my face in the morning when he's ready for his breakfast. How can you resist a face like this?

All day long I trip over him in the kitchen. He sleeps like a dead dog with his legs sprawled out like a frog.

My pastor's wife left a 3# bag of these mints in the back of my truck the other day.  They are the very same legendary mints found at my beloved Chick-Fila restaurant. I love them! The nearest Chick-Fila is 3 1/2 hours from my house, but I can now enjoy their mints all year long from my own home. My pastor's wife rocks!!!

Instagram made this photo of my husband and I look like it came from the 70's.  I'm kinda diggin' the retro-feel of it.

I'm off to teach school to the kids, clean, and finish the laundry. My husband just called and said that we're going to saddle up for a ride this afternoon.  WooHoo! We've also got a Life Action Team putting on a revival every night at church for the next two weeks and it has been sooooo good! Renewal of the spirit is just the thing I need to keep my mind focused on the good things of God instead of the dead grass and wind outside my window.

Happy Wednesday to ya!



  1. My world is so dead and brown too. If it doesn't rain we're in for a long summer of dead and brown.

    Loved the retro pic!!

    A badger got my chickens, but thankfully my mom's chickens are laying enough to keep us supplied!

  2. Had to laugh at the cow pic. I remember some of our heifers looking the same size before calving. I miss having cows around so enjoy your posts and pics of them. :)