Thursday, November 8, 2012

Celebrations with Family

Life has been full and our cups runneth over.  We've been spending time with both sides of our family this week, hence the long blogging absence.

For my dad's birthday, the kids and I made a whirlwind trip down to the valley to surprise him for the day.  My husband had to stay home for work, but the kids and I met up with the rest of the family for dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Benihana.

It was our first experience having a chef entertain and cook our meal right in front of us.  We were mesmerized, but my little niece was terrified by the flinging knives and steam. She still looks precious, even when she's scared out of her mind. ;)

The dinner was a fun diversion from the ordinary meat and potatoes we eat around here.

I love my family!

Then, we drove back home for the arrival of my husband's brother and family from Washington.  We don't get to see these guys very often so it was an extra- special treat.  My mother-in-law made an early Thanksgiving feast, and I ate until they rolled me away from the table.

Afterward, we took a leisurely walk along the river to work off the turkey and rolls.


A little surprise on our walk.

Lovin' on Grandma.

Pop Pop showing the grand kids the beaver dam.

The next day, the whole Washington crew got sick with a nasty cold they picked up on the plane, so their plans quickly changed from exploring the mountain to bed rest.  I felt terrible for them.  We spent our final night nursing them back to health with chicken soup and bread sticks.  They will be leaving the mountain today, just in time to miss the snow we're expecting this weekend.

I'm so thankful for family,