Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Scoop

 Hello out there! It's been awhile. Between hauling water, replacing tank heaters, and doing laundry, I've somehow lost the time to document my life.

Thankfully, I have mediocre iPhone pics to share with you.

last weekend, we left the mountain to attend a very special birthday party for my niece. She just turned one!

In the "burbs" people get these bouncy castle things for birthday parties. It's like, the thing to do. We don't have stuff like that up on the mountain so my kids bounced their hearts out. 

The birthday girl enjoyed her first taste of cake and frosting!

Look at that green grass! That's why people move to Phoenix in the winter.

While we were in town, we shopped for Thanksgiving food, and made the menu. I'll be cooking for a crowd this year so my Dad and I stocked up on everything we'll need for the big day.

In other news, my friend polished my nails with gel polish that hardens under a special light. This stuff is supposed to last several weeks. I had her do my nails for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I'm very impressed by their longevity.  Normally, a manicure lasts less than a day around here, but this stuff is tough! No more John Wayne hands for Thanksgiving.  Only pretty lady fingers for me!

I've been thumbing through this fancy catalog that arrived in the mail this week.  My husband broke an expensive plate this year while we were having dinner at a friend's house, and I bought a new one from this store to replace it.  I guess that's why they sent us their catalog.  It makes me feel highfalutin when I read it, as if I have a summer home in the Hamptons or something.  Quick, someone get me a K-Mart ad before I forget my roots. HaHa!

Below is a picture I snapped at Wally World.  It's that time of year when every store in town has these ugly re-bar flagged things out.  I bet half of you reading will know what they're for, and the other half won't have a clue. 

Yes, just around the corner, we'll be having "big" snows, and these ugly markers are out so the plow doesn't hit the planters and curbs in the parking lots.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a picture of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen for Thanksgiving. Does your Walmart carry these things? They would definitely be an ice-breaker sitting on the Thanksgiving table.

Well, that's all of the photo documentation that I have. I'm off to do some chores, and teach some kids!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I think I need a piece of that girls cake! Yum!
    Had no clue what the re-bar was for...we get an inch of snow and people start calling wanting their parking lots cleared. It's redonk.

    You'll have to keep us posted on the gel nails! My Mom does her own in either shellac or gel, and says they last longer. I don't much care for painting my fingernails, but have wanted to do the gel on my toes!

  2. Your niece is a cutie! Sounds like a fun time too!
    I am so not ready for the snow. The weather has been great....
    Your nails turned out great. I like the color too. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Haha! I read what the re-bar posts were for and corrected myself for thinking that they couldn't be for snow because they were too short. Here in SK we don't have them, but I am used to that type of thing from growing up in MT. They were just a lot taller. :)
    We got around a foot to a foot and a half of snow here last week. And reached the lovely temp of -26*C last weekend. Now we are at a surprising high of -1*C. All our snow is melting! But I'm sure that will stop soon.
    Enjoy your warm weather! I might say I'm jealous, but I like the cold, and it's sure fun to brag about... LOL!

  4. being from Michigan, our walmart uses those thingies too. So I knew what they were. you cracked me up with your "highfalutin catalog," I like to "drool" over those things too...my best friend always says, "it never hurts to have a dream"...Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  5. Your nails are pretty! I never paint mine cause it doesn't last.
    Hadn't a clue what those lil' red doo-daddys were... now I do! Happy Thanksgiving!