Monday, February 25, 2013

Snowin' and Blowin'...Again

I'm dreaming of flip-flops and tan legs. It seems this winter won't end. My 7 year old had some great insight on this when she said, "Mom, February has the shortest amount of days, but it feels like the longest month." I whole heartedly agree.

We've had snow on and off for the last week. Yesterday's storm was a surprise. The weatherman said "30% chance of snow, no significant accumulation."

Lies. All lies.

We even got hit hard on the other side of the mountain where we winter the cows. Thankfully, my in-laws fed hay for us, or it would have been a very long, treacherous trip over the hill.

Below is a picture my daughter snapped on our way to church yesterday morning.

One word: Treacherous.

The menfolk left at 6:00 am to feed the horse and headed to church early because my husband was helping with the music. My son was shoveling snow around the parking lot.

We girls left a little later.  It was a white-knuckle trip!

First, we were delayed because there was an ambulance and fire truck loading up a snow covered pedestrian laying on the side of the road.  Then we nearly slid out into the highway to be hit by traffic. Thankfully the breaks kicked in at the 11th hour and we had enough traction to stop.   The roads were so icy that we slid down the hill and almost past the church turn 4-wheel drive. We barely made it alive, and we were ten minutes late.

We had all of our praying in for the day before we even arrived in the parking lot of the church.

Some bright spots:

1. I got rock star parking. Turns out folks don't flock to church in a blizzard.
2. I was forgiven for my tardiness.
3. I got to wear my snow boots to church. Toasty toes make me happy.

The good news is that there is nothing but sunny skies in this week's forecast. WooHoo!

Ain't nobody gonna steal my sunshine,



  1. Goodness, looks cold! Just keep thinking of all that beautiful green grass! ;)
    Hope y'all warmed back up by now!

  2. Man...Its 80 degrees here, I'm sweating in my kitchen that is like a furnace/ Can't open windows for the dust storm outside.. Weather is so weird!