Sunday, February 3, 2013

Extreme Sledding

We had GORGEOUS weather on Saturday! After we did the chores, checked cows, and filled water tanks, we had the entire afternoon to play in the snow.  

The sled hill had some serious ramps that propelled the kids high in the air.  Big air also brings big wipe-outs.

The sled with the steering wheel used to be my husband's when he was a boy. They just don't make them like that anymore. It's as fast as greased lightning.

Our baby is a total dare-devil.

Our son is a serious sledder.  "No guts, no glory" is his motto.  As soon as his sled came to a stop, he was right back up the hill to make another run.  He took a few spills, but other than a few bruises, he walked away unscathed.

 It was REALLY bright outside... hence the squinty eyed boy.

 The sledding hill also happens to be located in the Wallow Fire burn area.  It's sad, really.  It just looks like a bunch of match sticks all around.

Even the grandparents got in on the sledding action!! Below, Pop Pop is taking a ride down the hill.  The sleds go faster with the grown-ups aboard.

Even I had a few runs... screaming all the way down the mountain. Ha Ha!

Judging by the smiling faces, I'd say it was a successful day on the sled hill.

A day of fun and silliness was exactly what this family needed!



  1. That looks like SO MUCH FUN! Great action pics!

  2. That kind of looks painful! Kind of like slip and sliding. It always looks so fun when the kids do it, and then you end up walking away one big bruise. Or maybe that is just me! haha

  3. Awesome~! It looks like so much fun. I am sad we haven't been this year. It's always a good time! Looks like a great hill too!
    Happy Monday :)

  4. So envious! I enjoyed looking at all the fun snow sled pictures.

  5. Looks like TONS of fun!! My boys would be ALL over that! Me... eh, maybe not so much. ;)

  6. LOVE the pictures. It looks like you guys had sooo much fun!

  7. Whewee that looks like a blast!!!!