Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7 Random Things

1. Last year, I purchased one of these gallon sized Anniversary Ball Jars. I thought it was so cute, but at the time I couldn't afford more. Then, when I wanted to expand my collection, I couldn't find them locally so I scoured the internet. I got the best deal! I went to the cheapest source I could find, (kmart.com of all places...) and then got a major internet coupon for 40 % off and free shipping. I'm so excited with them! I think they make my open pantry shelves look a little less cluttered. They hold a ton of the dry goods that I normally buy in bulk and keep stored in white 5 gallon buckets. They have such a wide mouth that I can fit a measuring cup in them, and it saves me from lugging the buckets in from the garage storage every time I want to prepare beans, rice, wheat bread, oats, and more. 

2. For my 4-H sewing class, I taught the girls how to sew in a zipper. We made these cute little lined make-up/toiletry bags using a great tutorial I found on Pinterest. Here's the link:

3. The weather has been horrible, so the kids have been forced to ride in an arena. They've been taking a few lessons to improve their horsemanship for the upcoming 4-H season. 

4. Jake's leg seems to be all better, and he comes a runnin' for meals, but the vet said no riding for 6 weeks.  Even though he looks great, we're sticking to the doctor's orders because we want him good and sound for the spring.  Unfortunately, this means that my baby has been riding a pony for her lessons.  It's the cutest thing ever, but in her eyes, she's been completely demoted and  humiliated. She went from riding a giant noble steed to an ornery little midget with short man syndrome.  HaHa! 

All of her friends love the pony, but she can't wait to ride her ole' Jake again.  I think it's good for her because the pony has a naughty streak, and she really has to school him and show him who's boss.  She never has to be that tough on Jake because he's so sweet to her. She's counting the minutes until she can be re-united with her buddy.

5. After having a foot of dirty snow blanketing the yard, it warmed up to the 50's and rained cats and dogs for 3 full days.  It melted all of the snow, and I finally saw my grass for the first time in over 2 months.  The yard had a huge puddle in it and it attracted six ducks who were wading in the front yard, and coming to eat from beneath our bird feeder every day. I think some of them are the offspring of Harry and Mildred, and are coming back to our yard from memory. They've nearly been killed crossing the road from the little watering hole every day, but so far, no fatalities. They've been feasting on bird seed and old bread for days now.

The bad news is that it finally got cold again and the end of the storm brought a fresh blanket of snow.  Sometimes it feels like winter will never end.

6. The last two times the guys went out to go deer hunting this month, catastrophe has ensued and they've had to come home.  The first time, it was so cold that we busted a water pipe in the yard. They had to climb out of the tree stand and drive home.  The second time, they were almost to their hunting spot when they put it into 4- wheel drive and the truck made an awful sound.  They had to be towed home by their buddies, and my husband spent the day re-building the 4-wheel drive in the old truck. Talk about serious disappointment.   

7. Our mouse eradicator is seriously slacking in the peak of her hunting season.  Everywhere I look, I see her sleeping on kids, beds, and sunny windows.  I'm going to cut her cat chow rations, and lock her in the feed shed if her performance doesn't improve.  The girls have pampered her too much, and she's turned into a purring blob of fur.  They've ruined her.  She's no good to me! 

Only two more days until January's over. Woo Hoo!!!



  1. I LOVE how those jars look on your open shelves! And hooray for finding them cheap, 'cuz they are stinkin' expensive if you don't hunt for them!

    Love the cat-napping picture. Our mouser has killed one mouse this year. Which I suppose is an improvement over the 0 he killed last year...

  2. Love those jars too cute! Super cute zippered pouch too. I should sit in on your 4H sewing class :)
    Where is that indoor arena at? The pony is so cute and they are so stubborn! Hope Jake gets back to work soon!
    I can not wait for January to be over, getting closer to warmer weather although that does mean wind :(..

  3. I wish it would stay winter! We have had seesaw temperatures all winter. Just when you get used to it being cold, then it gets into the 60s or so again. Yesterday it was 69 and today it was about 73. That sounds nice until you realize that tomorrow the high is going to be about 36. And then it'll stay that way for a few days before it gets into the 50s then it'll plunge back to 20s...you get the point. I love days like today, but not in the winter time...because I know it'll never last....and more than anything I hate the seesaw weather. But I guess I should be used to it. It seems to happen alot here in IL.

  4. LOVE the jars!! I've not seen those jars here up in the great white North.... if I had, I would've picked them up! Hooray for great deals!

  5. Those jars ROCK! I saw some the other day and LOVED them. Who would have thought kmart??? They look great. I may have to invest in them for my flour-sugar-etc.
    Yea for cool sewing projects! and 4-H!

    Feel free to send some of that snow/rain to KS...we are so dry(as are many others) We always have at least 1 snow...but the only thing we've seen is a dusting. We did get .3 of rain last week, we noticed on the way to church this morn...the wheat is actually green looking!

  6. Thanks for sharing about the jars! I have some half gallon, but a full gallon would be so handy! Off to see if I can find some on Kmart.com!