Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some Cheese with my Whine

The Weatherman lied.

He said, "30% Chance of Snow...NO SIGNIFICANT ACCUMULATION"

A Foot of snow and two days later, we are almost caught up with chores, no thanks to the weatherman. Snow is a pain in my hiney, and doubles the list of stuff we have to do around here, but I'm thankful for the moisture.

Yesterday we took down the Christmas decorations and hauled off the tree. When my husband took the tree out of the stand and out the door, there was a massive needle drop like we've never experienced before. It was like a plume of pollen, dust, and needles enveloping the house. Subsequently, I had an allergy attack of embarrassing proportions. Even with medicine, I was a snotty, sneezing, itchy-eyed mess until bed last night.

The menfolk went deer hunting today, and I've been scrubbing down every nook and cranny of the house. The place looks drab without all of our holiday cheer hanging from the walls. It motivates me to do deep cleaning.  In January I throw things away and reorganize. I'm merciless in my pursuit of de-cluttering. Nothing is safe from the chopping block. Nothing.

January is also the month that I always want to redecorate the entire interior of the house.  Thankfully, I have these urges in the month following Christmas when we don't have extra money sitting around. It's like a safe guard against impulse decorating. Otherwise, my bedroom would be a different color every single January, and I would buy new cowhide furniture, and turquoise dishes every year.

To make matters worse, I went and did something that makes me even more tempted to re-do the whole house...

come closer to the computer...

I don't want to say it too loudly. I don't want my friends and family to know...

I joined Pinterest.


Keep it on the down-low.

I told everyone I know that I'd never join that crack wagon of a website.  I resisted it for over 2 years. Then I HAD to get on to find a recipe and it all went downhill from there. The next thing I knew, I was signing up and pinning things to boards I didn't even know what to name. Now I have more ideas than I know what to do with. I'm overwhelmed with "pinspiration". If you are a pinner, leave me a comment and I'll try to find you.

The bigger issue here is that I don't want to re-decorate if we are moving.  Twice in the last two months we have nearly had the house sold, and twice the prospective buyers financing has fallen apart. It's difficult to make any plans when we're spinning our wheels here.  We have another property we're interested in buying, but can't make an offer until we're out of this little house.  The roller-coaster of selling a home in a bad economy often has us scratching our heads, biting our nails, and praying for guidance.

I'd sure like it to be over with, but I'm trying to be content in the mean time.

Emphasis on TRYING. I'm not very good at being patient or content right now.

Anyway, enough with my whining. I'm off to go clean something, or throw something away, or both.

Happy New Year!



  1. I have been thinking about you all and your house. Soon it will sell when the time is right. I love love Pinterest :) I am on there.. Maybe a little addicted. Ha!

  2. Hello, my name is Leslie and I have also joined Pinterest. LOL
    I never joined till recently, because you had to have a Facebook acct and I did away with that several yrs back. I was secretly excited when I found I could join now without FB! I'll be looking for you on there...I do love the recipes...and of course the dream house options and the never-ending list of projects I dream about doing...
    Glad you are getting moisture, we had snow...that was merely flurries and gone by noon.
    I look forward to Saturday, I shall commence to the taking down of decorations and beginning my task of throwing out and re-organizing as well.

  3. I have been griping at our weatherman, because we have the opposite problem.. he said 50% chance for snow last night and today, and we were so excited for some moisture. However, its still dry as a bone out there. *sigh*
    I enjoy pinterest, in short bursts! Ha! That should help ya find me! I've had the crafting bug and have been looking for something to do... unfortunately I never have the supplies I need!!

  4. Snow is a blessing. Mostly only in small quantities though! ;) We have enjoyed the bit we got, it was a true blessing! It's been so dry, well, the winters have been, so this is a very nice change!

    Pinterest takes spells on being so fun, sometimes it gives real good ideas, and sometimes it's just boring as can be. But, you'll enjoy having plenty MORE to do. ;)

  5. We too have snow in the midwest and the roads are dry and clear so that makes it bearable. OK, so much for snow for the holidays, now it can be gone! I am occassionally on Pinterest as Carol Lee....
    I do it for animals, crafts, and TV/movies and other things. I haven't been really bitten which probably is a good thing!!

  6. I always want to redecorate my house in January too! It's a disease, I tell you! I said to my husband the other day, after we had taken down all our decorations, and had been re-arranging furniture for about an hour, "Remind me next year that this is the only way that the furniture works in this room..." It ended up staying the same as it had been. Arg!