Saturday, January 5, 2013

7 Random Things

1. Our old horse slipped last week and has a minor sprain in his back leg. The vet gave him apple flavored medicine, and of course, we have the only horse in the world that hates apples. It's been comical to see him sniff it out and snub his nose when we mix it into his grain.  That picky old Fart! Today, I tried mixing it in molasses first and then mixed the molasses into his grain.  He took one bite and had a bunch of sticky grain hanging from his old whiskers. He does not like having sticky whiskers one bit! He rubbed his chin on the pipe railing after every  single bite to wipe the grain off. It gave us all a good chuckle but it worked. He ate the whole thing!

2. Here are two signs I saw next to each other while parking in downtown Phoenix near the fairgrounds. They gave me a chuckle.

This one's for "patient" people. Ha!

3. My girls have been more independent lately, and have been doing their own hair in the mornings. While I appreciate their determination, some of their crooked pony tails, braid attempts, and hair accessory choices have me scratching my head. I just let them wear their hair however they want when we're home, and only ask to help them when we have some place to go. I don't want to break their creative spirit.  It makes me smile because I think my mother would say that my chickens have come home to roost. When I was just a bit older than them and still learning to do my own hair, I went through a 3 year phase with huge bangs and lots of hairspray that made my mother cringe every single day. I keep reminding myself that no matter how many flowers, headbands, and barrettes my girls wear, it could never be as bad as my late 80's bangs. Ever.

4. Thanks to some tech savvy phone help from Mega Mind (my little brother) we now have our receiver and blue ray player working and hooked up to the internet for things like Netflix, and You tube. But the thing I'm most excited about is having Pandora Radio in surround sound! For two years, I've been listening to Pandora with my iPhone placed in a bowl to project the sound more loudly. (That's definitely a first world problem. LOL!)  Having my favorite music floating through the whole house now is Epic!

5. I'm going to invent a stock tank camera that runs off a battery, and is linked to the internet.  I'd mount it above the reach of the cows so I can check ice/ water levels with a click of the mouse in pastures without electricity. Then I won't have to make the long drive to check the tanks every day. Wouldn't that be cool? It would be terribly expensive, and horribly impractical but the concept is possibly a brilliant one. ( Don't you love how I just shamelessly proclaimed my possible brilliance? Ha! I crack myself up!)   I've seen this principle work with a live camera mounted in an eagle's nest so people could watch the baby eagle eggs hatch from their computer. My motto: work smarter, not harder.  The alternative: We could just sell this stinkin' house so our cows can all be in one place for the winter! Sorry. I lost my  10 minute patience there for a minute.

5a. Here are terrible iPhone pics of the first encounter between barn cat and cows. Curiosity nearly killed the cat, but she made a narrow escape through the fence. Yes, this is what entertains me for hours while I'm filling up the stock tanks. It's the simple things...

Well... it was a whole lot funnier in person, ok?

6. We went to the stock show last weekend and took a class to learn how to "fit" show cattle. I've seen a lot of show cattle in my years, and fitting is an art form that can make a difference in the show ring. Professional fitters are like glorified hair stylists for cows, and I can't believe how detailed they are when they get a steer or heifer ready for the show.The clipping, the spraying, the teasing of hair, and the blow drying: it takes hours and they don't leave a hair out of place! There are more sprays, paints, and glues for cows than there are for women.  I'm surprised show heifers don't have false eyelashes. Everything else is fake. I want those fitters to do a makeover on me! I'm confident they could make me look like a million bucks! They're miracle workers! We definitely have a lot to learn before our kids show their first steers for 4-H.

7. I'm in the process of looking for some new software to help us keep better records of  both our cattle and costs. I need something that can generate quarterly reports, too.  I've been reading up on several choices, but I would like some advice.  Does anyone out there use something that works well for them? Anyone still out there? Hello? Is this thing on?

Thanks to all two of you for reading this list all the way to the end!



  1. i l.o.v.e. your random lists...i always look forward to them. if only i were so creative. sigh.
    maybe someday i will get a random list together. i always think...this is so random/dumb NO ONE cares! lol
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope the horse makes a quick recovery. When our girls were showing steers it was always the one that you knew never touched the steer that won. It would make me so angry to see a 4-Her that couldn't hardly lead the steer have 3 professional fitters taking care of it. Finally, the last year V showed they enforced (sort of)a no spray rule. The cattle were washed and blow dried at that was it. It would even be better if they would just show them shaved like sheep now. Sorry, I'll get off of my soap box. Good luck with the project.

  3. I think your wifi capable stock tank is a BRILLIANT idea! I love the idea of showing steers, but I hear it's frightfully expensive unless you raise your own show steers! Perhaps we'll push our children down the path of creating wifi deicers for stock tanks... :P

    By the way, glad to be stalkin' ya on Pinterest, now! :)

  4. I like the mounted camera idea for the tanks. We have camera mounted on building downtown to show us how the falcon chicks are doing etc so why not out in the pasture. Perhaps you could hook it up so that when it reached a certain level, it would text you. That way you won't have to keep looking at your computer!
    I loved hearing about the fitters. I know they have things like that in the dog show world. A friend raised show beagles. They have fur that is often changing from black and white to browns(they are usually born black and white). They put some type of paint to make the dog appear blacker etc. He says the dog does not look like in person what they do in the show ring. Interesting world. I would love to see a big sassy cow with false eyelashes!!
    Carol Lee

  5. Our good friends have CNN in the calving barn. It's Cow Nightly News.