Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Random Things

1. We had our first calf of the season this morning, with many more to come. It's always an exciting but busy time of year for us. I love it when the little guys arrive!

2. I grabbed my camera just in time to see a herd of elk cross the road this morning on my way to check on the cows. 

3. News Flash! Spike the Succulent is in full bloom for the first time in 13 years. I can't believe it. I moved him from the top of the refrigerator into the living room, and he is flourishing in his new environment.  If you've never read about how I got Spike, and his ridiculously sentimental value, then you should read this story:

4. I have finally found a combination of mop/cleaner that works on my wood floors. I hate streaks and water marks, and I have tried just about everything, including every homemade Pinterest recipe I could find. Since we have to have a spotlessly mopped floor several times a week for house showings, with little advanced notice (as in, no time to get rid of strong floor cleaner smells), I was desperate to find a better mopping system.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this O Cedar Microfiber flip mop that I got at Walmart. It's got a removable microfiber cloth that I can just throw into the washing machine, it's two sided, has a wide mopping surface, and maneuvers around angles like a dream.

Last month I was in the cleaning aisle of Safeway, and stumbled upon this Method Squirt and Mop. It smells like almond extract, which I LOVE! I just sweep the floor with a broom, and then go over the whole thing one area at a time by squirting the cleaner on the floor and mopping it up with the dry microfiber mop.  It dries in minutes, and I'm left with a spotless, shiny floor that smells fabulous!  It's perfect for days when I have to mop and go! I'm told that they carry it at Target as well, but the nearest one is 3 hours away so I can't verify that.

Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner 25-fl oz.

5. I'm embarking on a very thorough expository study of the book of Daniel in my Bible. I've downloaded a study guide, commentary, and sermons that pertain to the verses I'm reading each week, and have been studying the history of the time period as well. It's uncanny how many things mirror our nation right now. The prominent themes of God's sovereign control over the affairs of rulers and nations is something that we all need to be reminded of from time to time. The book of Daniel also shows how hard times not only reveal a person's character, but also help to build it.  I can't wait to learn more in the coming weeks. Even though I've read Daniel a number of times, I always learn something new.

6. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh....[thinking].........I've got nothin'.

7. Our little town is getting a C-A-L Ranch Supply Store, and we're so excited to check it out when it opens in a few weeks. When we drive by and look in the window, it looks like it carries everything a person could ever want for raising livestock.  I just hope it doesn't shut our little feed stores down. That tends to happen when the big guys come in and sell stuff cheaper. We shall see.

Happy Friday, Friends!



  1. Love your pictures. I am putting my house on the market this weekend... Should be fun :)
    Where is the C-A-L Ranch going to be at? I haven't seen anything. Not that I need livestock supplies anymore, it will still be fun to check out. Someday we will have horses again. :)
    Happy Friday and weekend Friend!

  2. The calf is beautiful! The elk...ah...amazing!
    I love shiny wood floors! I'll have to look up that almondy goodness!
    Hope your Friday is wonderful!

  3. Our first calf arrived 3-16, it's a fun time. Can't imagine having an elk herd like that, wow.

  4. Love the baby cows! We are done calving here. Getting the bulls, then branding in about 3 weeks or so. LOVE LOVE the elk! We see a few here every now and then. I'll have to try the o cedar mop! Cool blog.

  5. Oo, thanks for sharing about the cleaner!!!