Monday, April 1, 2013

Redneck Genius Saves Easter

We had such a blessed Easter this year. It was a gorgeous day to celebrate our Risen Savior! During church I couldn't help but glance at our family lined up in the pew. The kids are sprouting up so tall! It makes me feel all sappy when I remember how tiny they used to be.

After church, we went to my in-laws' to celebrate with them, and check the new calves.

We ate a ham from my daughter's 4-H pig for Easter Dinner. Although I started cooking the ham while we were at church, it still had 2 more hours to roast, and we had an hour drive to get to my in-laws' house. Not wanting to hold up dinner, and not wanting the ham to cool down on the drive over the mountain, I wasn't sure what to do. 

Enter my Redneck Genius Husband.

He suggested that we load up the generator in the back of the truck, and plug in the roaster so that the ham could continue cooking on the trip over the mountain.

At first I just laughed because the idea was so crazy.  But then I thought of my ham getting luke-warm while we drove... totally gross, and not safe to eat, and I started to think about how much longer it would be before dinner, and I decided....Maybe this isn't such a bad idea. Why not?!?

So, we plugged the roaster that held the giant ham into the generator, and after making sure the lid was wired shut, and the ham was safely tucked inside, we headed down the highway.

The ham continued cooking happily until we got to our destination. Once there, we plugged it in the kitchen and let it cook the final hour at the house while we baked the bread and potatoes. It all worked out beautifully! The ham was tender, moist, and cooked to the correct  internal temperature. It may have been unorthodox, but it totally worked.

Crazy? Absolutely.

But you have to admit that it was a good idea.

Props to my husband for thinking outside the box, and saving Easter dinner.

I should submit this joke to Jeff Foxworthy:

"If you cook your Easter ham with a generator in the back of a truck while driving down the might be a redneck."



  1. Gorgeous kiddos :)
    Very good idea! Glad it worked! Yesterday was beautiful!

  2. Good lookin' kids, for sure!!

    Love that, we've done the generator thing, just not driving down the highway. Cause, ya do whatcha gotta do! ;)

  3. It was a great idea! Love that kind of thinking!
    Your family is beautiful!

  4. Oh my word! That is genius and hilarious!!!!!

  5. Genius, and gorgeous kids. They are growing up!

  6. Whatever works! I think it is fabulous. I love the redneck quote. ;)

    Great Easter Pictures!

  7. lol....what a great idea!!! I will file this one away in case I ever need to do this!!!!