Thursday, May 9, 2013

7 Random Things

1. This year's 4-H piggies are weaned and at the house.  Even though we raise beef cattle, I have a soft spot in my heart for pigs. They have so much personality and charm. Not to mention that they are incredibly intelligent! The kids named the Yorkshire (pink one) "Miss Kay", and the Hampshire (black with a white belt) "Uncle Si" from Duck Dynasty.

2. Whenever I'm in a hurry with a million things to do, something unexpected always throws a wrench into the works.  I was prepping for the family to leave for an overnight trip during our craziest time of year, and was busy completing the last of the day's chores. I was filling water tanks and walking through the pasture when I noticed a calf that needed to be doctored. Of course the doctoring box was in the wrong truck, I was alone, and 45 minutes from the house.  Two hours later, with medicine and help in hand, my husband and I roped the calf and doctored it.  We were two hours late getting down to the valley, and didn't have time to wash up from chores, but the health of our animals comes first. Always.  It's a common fact around here that the cows won't escape, give birth, or get sick unless we have somewhere else to be. HA!

3. My brother, also known as "Mega Mind" just graduated yesterday with his PhD!!! We traveled down to hot, sunny Phoenix, deep into Sun Devil territory to witness the exciting day.  Even though I'm a Wildcat, I set my feelings aside to celebrate the momentous occasion. But I did NOT sing the ASU song during the closing ceremonies. You can't make me go that far. Did you know that less than 1% of the population has their PhD? That's a big accomplishment, and I'm so proud of my brother.  He's using his degree to glorify God, and I'll tell you more about it in another post.

4. I have the cutest niece...ever! All dressed up to see her daddy graduate.

5. We are just barely starting to pack things for the big move.  We got everything out of the attic that had been sitting there for a decade, and threw away a truck load full of junk. Now we're on to the garage. It's funny to see how different men and women are when it comes to deciding what stays and what goes.  I wanted to get rid of a box of old pipe fittings but my husband won't part with them because he uses them when he builds gates.  He wants me to throw out all of my unused mason jars but they're valuable for canning and storing food.  If this war over what we should keep continues, it will be a long three weeks of packing.

6. Speaking of mason jars, I'm LOVING the quart and a half size! They make AWESOME drinking glasses that fit into the cup holders in the truck. They're the perfect size; not too big, not too small. We usually use jars with handles for drinking glasses, but I just love these without them!

7. I have to get off of this computer and get busy packing this house, right now.

So much to do... So little time,



  1. Hope all goes well with the packing. Maybe we should move so we can get rid of all our junk:-)

  2. I'm laughing because you and your husband sound like me and mine...pipe fittings, jars, keep, toss...hilarious! Been there, done that!
    Love the piggies boys and I sure like watching that show, funny stuff!
    Happy packing, and as always, I enjoy your "random thoughts".
    p.s. AWESOME about your brother's degree! wow!

  3. Hope packing goes well, and no more squabbling over what goes and what stays! ;)
    Love those little piggies, and good names!

    Way to go BROTHER!!

  4. Did your house sell?

  5. I think pigs are pretty amusing myself! Love the names too!!
    Hope everything goes smoothly with the house!

  6. I agree with you on the pigs. I showed pigs for about 4 years and I was totally shocked when I first had them because of their special personality. I absolutely fell in love with them. I just came across your blog and I love it. I look forward to following you!!