Monday, May 20, 2013

Fishing Derby

What should a family do when they are moving in less than a month? Procrastinate the packing and go fishing, of course!

This weekend my husband's friend invited the whole family to enter a kid's fishing derby held at one of our local lakes.  He fishes competitively and we were so excited to get to spend the morning on his boat.

The derby was for 4 hours, and the kids got to catch as many fish as possible.  They received a drawing ticket for every 1/2 pound of fish caught, and they could enter the tickets for a chance to win prizes.

The kids caught 6 fish, but one got off of the line right before we could net it, so we brought in a total of 5 for the weigh-in.  We caught a mix of small mouth bass and rainbow trout.

My baby looked like a rock-star in those ridiculous sun glasses, but she had a ball, patiently trolling for trout off the back of the boat.

Our son LOVES to fish, and would have been out there all day if he had his way.  He caught the most fish that day.

Here we are at the weigh-in, anxiously waiting for Dad to take all of the fish out of the bag, and onto the scale.  Our son took 3rd place with his catch of the day! Woo Hoo!

After lunch, we cleaned the fish and by "we" I mean mostly my husband and son. We ended up with enough for a nice sized fish fry.

It was a great stress relief from a hectic week.

Fishing is a fun distraction,



  1. So fun and the weather was gorgeous! :) How are you guys coming in the packing department? Did y'all find a place to rent?

  2. We Love fishing too! Especially my oldest boy...he loves it! That lake is Gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh how FUN! I could fish all day. What a beautiful lake.

  4. Fabulous Fishing day! Everyone needs a little time to play during a little moving chaos.