Monday, June 17, 2013

When Life is Like a Country Song

Have you ever had one of those weeks when everything you touch turns to....manure?

Seriously. This past week was one for the toilet.

We were supposed to move last weekend but the buyer's financing fell apart in the 11th hour. Now our closing date has been moved, Realtors and lenders were nearly fired, poop hit the roof, and we won't be moving for a few more weeks.  We are currently living in a sea of boxes.

Our favorite old horse, Jake, came down with diarrhea out of the blue and we thought we were going to lose him.  We stayed with him the entire day and thankfully, he pulled through. He's a tough old man. We think we got a bad bag of feed.

We gathered a pasture of cows to move over the mountain in preparation for breeding, and one of our favorite cows ripped a chunk of her hoof off causing her to go temporarily lame. We had to leave her and her calf behind.  She's healing up nicely and we'll be hauling her over with the rest of the herd this week, but she missed being heat synchronized.  It's always something.

Our daughter is the best pitcher in her league, and literally minutes before her All-star tryouts she got her hand smashed in a door and broke a finger on her throwing hand.  That girl is tough as nails and two days later, she is playing with the broken finger taped to another finger.  When the swelling goes down, we shall see how she pitches. Right now, I'm just amazed she can throw at all.  The timing could not have been worse.

My truck has been leaving me stranded this week, and the other day I had to walk three miles to get home.  Then I hopped in the old work truck and the starter is going out on it. I hate vehicle trouble.

There were many other moments that resembled a Hank Williams song, but I'll spare you from having to get out your violin.

I've learned that the best thing to do when things go badly is kick some dirt on that crap and move on.

So thankful for a new week,



  1. Yep. Kick grass over that pile and move on. Things only get better! :) Thanks for the nice comments! I could have squeezed the guts outta that boy! :) I was so excited! But the look on his face, I guess he wasn't so much. I probably embarrassed him terribly! :)

  2. :) Hope you have a great week! (Or at least a better week!)
    Sorry about your daughters hand...what a tough girl! Good job! Hope it heals up quickly!

  3. Hope this week goes better for ya!

  4. Sorry its been such a cruddy week! Hope this one is much, much better!

  5. Aww! (Hugs!) This week will be the beginning of blessings! I am sure of it!

  6. Sorry you had a tough week. Hope this week will be packed to the brim with unexpected blessings.

  7. Ugh. Sorry it's been so tough. Hope it's going better now!

  8. Oh man! I hate weeks like that. I feel like the world is against me. I hope this it has gotten better.

  9. Good.Grief. Sad to hear it was a crappy week...Praise the Lord, his mercies are NEW every morning. Praying for you, house, moving, daughter and pickup...oh yea and the animals. TAKE CARE!
    Hang in there...pull up your boots straps and roll! {hugs}