Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Squeeze Chute Blessing

 Newsflash! God DOES indeed answer prayer!  Just last week my husband and I were bemoaning the fact that one of our pastures lacks an adequate corral...specifically one with a squeeze chute.  This means that every time we have to perform the simplest of tasks like ear tagging or doctoring an animal, things get a little "western".  Just last week we had to load up a cow in the stock trailer and create a make-shift Q-tip to doctor her with.  We used a broom handle, some cotton balls, a paper towel, and a rubber band.  We then applied a generous dose of antibiotic ointment to the broom handle Q-tip, and doctored the cow inside the trailer  from the wheel well with the precision of a surgeon playing pool.  That's cowboy ingenuity, right there.  That's also what we are trying to retire from.  With a squeeze chute in the corral, that would have been a simple 2 minute procedure instead of a rodeo. We really don't have the money to buy a new squeeze chute right now...they are several thousand dollars!  But, after praying for a few days, God literally led my husband right to one that hadn't been used in over 20 years, and we bought it for next to nothing! All it needs is a little T.L.C. and some paint, and it will work like new! Thanks be to God!  Here it is before it's makeover:

Here's my hubby working his magic on it. Doesn't he look cute in his welding gear?

He's so serious when he's working.

Below is Dad's little apprentice, watching his every move with the grinder.

When we're all finished, I'll post the before and after pictures.  I can't wait to see the transformation!


  1. I am very impressed by your ingenuity and not surprised your prayers were answered.

  2. OMW! I am laughing for so many reasons! I love the 'getting western' reference! We say that all the time! haha Must be a cow/horse/country folk thang! And, then, the welding gear! Big Daddy just bought a helmet w/ flames on the side THIS WEEK....he needed one that automatically gets dark and the only one they had was all 'flamed up' and I saw your hubby's American flag one, and I laughed. OH PRAISE BE TO OUR FATHER FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! HOW I AM SO DRAWN TO OBEDIENCE TO A LOVING FATHER!! GOD ROCKS THE HOUSE. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

    Bless you all!!!
    Sassy Gal 'Ashley' in TX

  3. Oh yes, I'm very familiar with the flame helmet too! The other welders my husband works with have everything ranging from flames, skulls, mossy oak camouflage, spider webs and more. They're all different so they can tell them apart! I think a pretty pink one with rhinestones would be the one I'd want. I'd bedazzle it, for sure! LOL!