Friday, June 29, 2012

Easy 4th of July T-shirt Tutorial

After searching for patriotic shirts for the girls, and coming up empty handed, I decided to make some on the cheap!

I picked up two navy blue tanks at Walmart for $3.47 each.

Then I went to the craft department and picked up a package of iron-on canvas patches for $1.17.

Next, I typed out the letters USA in my Microsoft Word program.
I used the Cooper Black font in size 150, but you could use whatever looks cute, and adjust the size to fit the shirt.

After cutting out the paper letters, I pinned them on the patch, and cut each one out.

I had my daughter try the shirt on and I placed the letters in a spot that looked nice.  Then I had her take it off, and I centered the letters with a ruler.  Afterward, I just ironed them on. No sewing necessary!

That's it. Easy stuff!  I made a 4 layer flower out of some old flag material I had, and secured it with a button.  Then I just pinned it on with a safety pin so it's removable for washing.  Besides, I may just have the girls wear the flowers in their hair.  That's the beauty of the whole thing... it's changeable so we have options.


This shirt was made for around $4.00 and will be perfect for parade watching, popsicle eating, and fireworks viewing!


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  2. These are so cute. I am coming up short in the patriotic clothing area as well. I was hoping to do a kiddo picture!