Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pigs and Plants

Yesterday, I brought the camera along when we cleaned pens.  Hank and Beulah are really packing on the piggie pounds! The family has grown so attached to them and their hilarious personalities.  Pigs are so amusing to raise!  

 Beulah is always posing for the camera. Hank is too busy chillaxin' in his daily mud bath to be bothered with photography.

We bring them a little afternoon snack every day. They LOVE Nilla Wafers! (Who doesn't like Nilla's?)

They also come running for their daily rejuvenating bath.  Hank and Beulah get really frisky when they're wet. They run around the pen at full speed, shake the water off like dogs, and roll in the dirt. Then they go straight over to eat their dinner.

After feeding time, the kids had all-star baseball/softball practice.  The sky turned this crazy color, and within 10 minutes of snapping this pic with my iPhone, lightning was striking all around us and everyone was sprinting to their trucks.  That's one way to end a practice early! We actually got a nice rain last night, the second shower we've had this week.

And, miracle of miracles, my garden plants are starting to finally grow! Just last week, I was lamenting about how sad the garden looked, but a few showers from heaven have turned everything around!  In just 5 days, my squash went from having 3-4 teeny, tiny leaves, to this:

One of my garden boxes.

(Still not impressive, but I've never seen anything grow so quickly!) Rain is like a magic growth tonic. Maybe my garden will have a fighting chance after all!

FYI: I washed the truck on Monday morning with clear blue skies and 95 degree temps.  Within 3 hours, my truck was getting rained on. Go figure.  It's not the same as a conventional rain dance, but washing the truck seems to have the same effect. When you've gone as long as we have without rain, you'll take it however you can get it, and be grateful no matter what it does to your shiny truck!

Having a Thankful Thursday!


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  1. We had two nights in a row of TREmendous storms. Friday night we had 45 minute of non-storp thunder and lightening, plus a few tornados thrown in for good measure. We live as far north ob Baltimore and you can get and still be in the county, and my nephew lives just this side of Washington, DC. It was a fifty mile trip to their church for his son's baptism, and it took us well over an hour because of detours due to downed power lines. It is 8 PM and still 95 f, and my grandson is up a power pole trying to restore power. Everybody, of course, wants to be first.

    Pray for him!