Monday, August 13, 2012

7 Random Things

"Flowers from my boy."

Today was the first day of our sixth year of homeschooling, and so my brain is very tired this evening. We also have a HUGE week ahead, filled with tons of excitement so I can hardly concentrate to sit down and write a real blog post in paragraph form.

Instead, I'm going to haphazardly list some random thoughts in no particular order:

1. I think that my frazzled nerves are mostly recovered enough to tell  you that my husband had to weld on a natural gas pipe that holds a gazillion pounds of pressure on it...and he lived to tell the story. It involved flames the size of the Olympic torch, death defying feats, and other things that are dangerous. Jesus must work over-time to protect that man. I'm constantly praying for his safety. He thinks the whole thing was exciting, and I think he's crazy. The End.

2. I think I possibly have a small addiction to those Sonic Strawberry Island Breezes that I mentioned a while back. This came to light when I realized that I was subconsciously buying grain a few bags at a time instead of in bulk, in order to have an excuse to drive to the feed store which happens to be down the street from the Sonic. I wish I could buy Strawberry Island Breezes in bulk.... that would solve all of my problems, save me some diesel fuel, and support world peace.

3. I bought a jogging skirt... technically I think it's more like a "Skort" because it has shorts underneath. I haven't worn "skorts" since elementary school, and now I'm feeling like this may have been an impulse purchase. Would it look silly to see a 34 year old jogging down a dirt road in a skirt? Shoot. Now I'm having second thoughts about the whole thing. Maybe I should take it back.

4. I'm jogging about 3 miles every other day.  I fell off the jogging wagon after my race in February because of my battle with wretched shin splints, but I've been back at it for two months now.  This time I built up my distance very slowly using the C25K app on my iPhone as a guide, and it's made all of the difference in the world. I used to just run long distances cold turkey, but my shins revolted. With this new training method, I'm completely pain free.  Now, I'm going to continue with my torture training, and my next goal is to be able to run a 10K.

5. I haven't lost a single pound by jogging. That's the hard truth. It's a cruel, cruel world.  Strawberry Island Breeze consumption has nothing to do with this. Nothing at all.

6. I'm in the market for a new pair of boots. I have a complete vision of what they look like in my mind, but can NOT for the life of me, find them at a store in Arizona. I'm scared to order them on the internet. I'm a strict "try them on in the store and walk around in them" kind of girl. Some things are just better when purchased in person. 

7. My neurotic hen, Oreo, got into the garden today and devoured a zucchini that I had earmarked for making zucchini bread with. That bird drives me crazy! First the pecking of the wood stove in the kitchen, and now this?!? Who does she think she is?

I'll stop there because 7 is the number of  Biblical completion and all good lists have seven things on them.

I'm off to re-consider my jogging skirt purchase,



  1. Agh, it's so annoying when exercise doesn't result in slimmer thighs, less jiggly gut and zero cellulite. I mean, really, why else do we torture ourselves? Kudos for running 3 miles, I can't imagine. I'm a walking kind of gal, but only because my knees and ankles revolt. I'm basically like an 82 year old...

    I bet your skort looks cute, girl. Rock 'em on that dirt road!

    Come to Oklahoma, we have lots of boot stores here. I'll even meet you for a strawberry island breeze slush. ;)

    Hen must die.

    That is all. ;)

  2. Hey Nell!

    Go with the Jogging Skirt! You can do it!!!

    And I didn't lose weight either, but my pants were looser!!!

    AND I bet your dream books have pointed toes and fancy detailing!!! HUH HUH!!! You know it does!!!


  3. Way to go on jogging, I'm good to run from a cow, best exercise I get is working colts in the round pen, that is a workout, though I do lose weight, just never get the fitting look, tighter thighs and such, but I would totally flex my arms for ya, now there is some muscle, pretty sure that comes from packing little boys around though. ;)
    I'm betting you can rock the skort like no other!

    Haha! Yes, I love Sonics strawberry island breeze slush, I too could buy and buy.

    Boots, I have a dream pair in mind, just haven't found them, maybe when we venture to the big city.

    That darned hen!

  4. Hey NM is on the way to OK! Plus you can check out Tx in between, ha! And lots of Sonics along the way. :P

    I say, rock your skirt!!

    Oh, and I think men find a thrill in giving their women grey hair prematurely. Ugh!

  5. I love your list:) Sunflowers are my favorite and there are so many on the roads that I want to stop and pick them every day. LOL!
    My husbands Dad welded in Oil Fields. I completely agree with you on the nerves being frazzled.
    I am going to have to try the Strawberry Island Breeze, sounds yummy. Probably a good football drink while I sit for 2 hours of practice today. Ha!
    Rock that jogging skirt Girl. I am super proud of you for getting out there and doing it. I need that app so bad, I lack the motivitation and knowledge to do it :) Any luck on moving closer to me yet? We NEED to get together soon but both of our scheduled are so darn crazy!
    I agree with you on trying on boots before buying them but unfortunately good ol' AZ doesn't have much of a boot selection, anywhere. :( I have a pair of Twisted X Boots that I bought from NRS and I absolutely love them.
    I made Zucchini bread on Sunday and it turned out awesome.My son has pretty much devoured it :)
    Have a great day friend!

  6. I {love} your list! I may have to make my own...although I could just cut and paste Your #4,5 & 6!!
    I fell off the running wagon too...but I'm back on...I wish you were closer~I want to do a 10K this Fall!
    I have NOT lost any weight either. Boo. Hiss.
    Oh well..I do feel better and my britches were fitting better.
    New boots...I've been looking since March. My birthday month. Hubby said he would buy me new pair for my bday and I still do not have any. I too, want to put them on my feeties and walk around the store. We have no cool stores in the sunflower state to shop at and I won't be going to OKC for another month...I found a pair online at Cavenders...I may get c*r*a*z*e*e*e and order shipping and returns.

  7. Your weekend break looked lovely - what a hotel! My partner visits Tucson every year (business) and sometimes brings me back a pair of boots ;-) Jo