Sunday, August 26, 2012

This 11 Year Old's Life

This fine young man is larger than life. 

He breaks out into spontaneous dancing in the kitchen, and has busted a move in the aisle of the grocery store on more than one occasion.

He loves to sing loudly when he feels like it, but will barely move his lips if singing is "required" of him.

He is passionate about mealtimes, and savors every morsel as if it's his last meal on earth. He's always hungry.  He loves all food, and makes his mom feel like the best cook on the planet.

He is currently obsessed with giant, black Ford dually trucks. He spots them on the road the way some kids spot "slug-bugs". (I think it's a phase.)

He wants to be a rancher when he grows up.

He's saving his money to buy his first heifer calf, although he has a weakness for buying bubblegum.

He loves to play baseball.

He likes to go fishing, and has the patience of Job to sit in the same spot all day long.

He's an expert at catching crawdads, frogs, bugs, snakes, and lizards.

He's an early riser.

He wants to raise a coon dog pup.

He squabbles with his sisters, but he's fiercely protective of them around other people.

His favorite chores are the ones he does with his dad.

He loves to read about animals, hunting, horses, and cowboys.  

He cried when he read "Where the Red Fern Grows".

He has no body fat and wears long-johns to stay warm over half of the year.

He's the tallest kid in every sport, classroom, or play that he's in. It's easy to spot him.

He needs to know exactly what we're going to do everyday, and it's the first question he asks in the morning.

He has a memory like an elephant. If you can't find something, just ask him. Chances are good that he remembers where it is.

He makes everything into a competition.

He's a great shot.

He's a real hugger. No, I take that back. He's more of a gut squisher.

He prefers needs to be outdoors.

He always carries a pocket knife.

He loves babies. I mean, he TOTALLY adores the wee ones.

He ropes everything in his path...feet, chairs, bushes, sisters, fence posts, etc.

He runs like a giraffe because he hasn't grown into his long arms, legs, or size 8 boots yet.

He hoards little treasures from nature that have no monetary value. He treats every turtle shell, snakeskin, and elk antler like it's a priceless work of art that belongs in a museum.

He's a straight A student but doesn't care for penmanship class at all. His cursive is improving through blood, sweat, and tears.

He has a soft spot in his heart for his animals.

He is growing up to be a young man of God, and we are so blessed by him every single day.


  1. Love it! He sounds like a wonderful young man and you are doing a great job! Would be a privilege to meet and get to know him :)

  2. What a sweetie! Sounds like he is a wonderful boy...
    Good Job mom and dad!!!

  3. This is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. Reminds me so much of my sweet little cowboy! I seriously can't wait to meet you guys. They boys will get along great!
    You two are doing a fantastic job! XO
    Happy Birthday Cowboy!

  4. Wow, that first picture he looks just like a mini-Pete!

  5. Love it all, sounds like he's making quite the young man!