Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hog Scratchin'

Do you know what the difference between a pig and a hog is?

I'm testing your swine knowledge, here.

A pig is a swine weighing less than 120 pounds. A hog weighs over 120 pounds.

That's your useless fact for the day!

A lady never reveals her weight, but it's safe to say that Beulah is a hog and has been one for quite some time. *Wink, Wink*

We have five weeks left until our county fair, and the kids have been dutifully walking their pigs hogs twice a day to give them exercise.

  Hank looks forward to his time to run wild and free!  While he's out for his walk, our son brushes all over him.

The hogs are just like dogs. They'll lay down and roll over so you can scratch their bellies.

Beulah, on the other hand, hates exercise.  She throws an ever lovin' fit when my daughter comes to retrieve her from her mud hole.  She squeals, snorts, and shows attitude when she has to be walked.  When she finally leaves the pen, she takes her sweet ol' time, stopping to root up everything in her path.

She reminds me of some of the girls in my Jr. High gym class.

One thing that Beulah DOES look forward to is her daily pampering.  When my daughter pulls that brush out and starts scratching on her backside, all Beulah's cares melt away, and she takes on the posture of pure relaxation.

She lays there like a dead hog.  She lets my girl groom her feet, and she becomes putty in her arms.

She thinks that having her belly scratched is simply divine!

Personally,  I think it's therapeutic to scratch a hog's belly. It does something for the soul. It adds richness to your life. Just try to do it without smiling. I dare you. You can't scratch a hog's belly without grinning. No matter how bad your day is, you will get a warm, fuzzy feeling. Guaranteed!

Beulah is such a diva hog.

( We're in deep trouble here, folks. The kids' attachment to these market hogs is growing by the minute. I foresee tears shed at the fair. If they weren't so gosh darn cute, and hilarious, and personable, and loveable, and quirky.... oh no! I think I'm attached, too! )

Have you scratched a hog's belly, today?



  1. Cute post! I didn't know the difference between a pig and a hog... now I do!!

  2. I just love your posts! I'm afraid we bought some poor kids show hog a few months back (our friend runs the swine at the OKC stockyards) and it's in our freezer now. It's good to know such hogs are loved by their people. Makes their meat taste better.

    Better not tell your kids that. Just let them brush away. I find watching chickens scratch around the yard to be therapeutic. I do not find chickens being mean to other chickens therapeutic, though. Just sayin'.

  3. Aww, my sister raised a pig one year in 4-H back in the day, only one though :) The rest of our 4H years we raised dairy cows (we were in Pinal County)....I remember when she got her little piggy, Wilbur of course, he was sooo tiny we held him all the time then yes he got gigantic but he was really like a dog, he lived in our back yard and would wait at the back door for my sister to come and feed him and walk him. Haha! So much fun!

  4. Loved this post, too funny. Ya know, so true though, pretty sure you can't do much with a hog without laughing, they're just funny guys that way. ;)

  5. Oh no! I immediatly translated the "pig and hog" weight to my own weight! Now, that is just naughty isn't it! I am positive it will keep me on the straight and narrow now! ;)

    Belly Rubbing! Love it.