Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Festivus...For the Rest of Us

(How many times can I say some variation of the word "festive" in one post? Stick around and you'll find out!)

This weekend we celebrated our town's annual Fall Festival. My dad, and my brother and his family came up to enjoy the festivities with us.  We call it "Fall Festivus....for the rest-of-us". ( Name that show!)

My dad is not a real festival goer, if you know what I mean, so it meant a lot to me that he "festivized" with us without too many complaints.

One of the most well attended parts of the weekend is the annual classic car show that comes to the mountain. To kick off the festivities, all of the old, beautiful cars meet up in the neighboring town on Friday evening and cavalcade up the mountain in one giant procession on their way to the car show destination.  People line up along the whole route to see the cars in action, and the passengers throw candy out the window at 45 miles per hour to the kids. It's slightly risky, but the kids walked away with an entire grocery bag full of candy.

On Saturday, we spent a few hours looking at the hundreds of cars parked at the show. There are some gorgeous old relics out there! The car show is so popular, that the crowds are HUGE. You have to park really far away and walk to get there. That is, unless you hitch a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

Another highlight is the annual Fall Festival Parade on Saturday morning. If you've never been to a small town parade, then you should know a few things. Anything loud, sparkly, blinking, or old will be entered in the parade. You will know at least half of the people on the floats, and all of the local politicians will be out in full force cleaning up poop from the horse entries.

Here are the only float pictures I got because I bring giant cameras to parades and leave them hanging on my chair for 90% of the time. I'm cool like that.

This dog was "festivizing" with his owner.

Below are the candy beggars in action.

This is my sweet, precious niece with her pinch-able cheeks.  She looks IDENTICAL to her daddy at that age.

 I'm telling ya.... spittin' image! You just have to trust me on this one.

My kids had fun pushing her stroller around the craft show, car show, and parade. I'm pretty sure that she slept through most of the festivities.  But she did wake up long enough to go pet Jake at the end of the long day.

Fall Festivus will really take it out of you! We were all tired, sunburned, and full of Kettle Corn by the end of the day.  We came, we conquered, we fesitvized.

And now I shall do post-Festivus cleaning of my house.

Happy Monday!