Monday, October 15, 2012

Ginger Cookie Heaven

Author's Note: I know that my blog is a bit  um... orange-ish today.  I was determined to sit at this computer until I could figure out how to change the html code so I could widen my blog. After I figured that out, things began to snowball out of control. Next, I decided that I needed a fall background. After I put the background on, I realized that my header no longer matched, so I had to make a new one from scratch in Photoshop. When you teach yourself these things by trial and error, it can be painfully slow. I am a bit of a simpleton when it comes to both computer code and Photoshop so it took me three hours from start to finish. And THAT, my friends, is why it's going to stay up on this blog for a little while... Orange and all.

Thank you for understanding and loving me through this "learning" phase.

On With the post!

This weekend, I made the most delicious discovery, and I want to share it with you. I've been making these BIG SOFT GINGER COOKIES for several years now. They are a seasonal favorite around this house, and  a huge hit wherever I bring them. They won't win any prizes for looks, but as soon as people try them, they beg for the recipe.

If you like gingerbread, you might LOVE these!

After dinner one night, I grabbed a few cookies for dessert and I had a delicious epiphany!  I decided to plop a little scoop of vanilla bean ice cream onto one of the cookies and turn it into a Ginger Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich.

Oh. My. Word.  


That's right. They are so good, I just made up a new word.

You should try them as soon as possible. That is, unless you are a gingerbread hater.

Here's the recipe link again:  Big Soft Ginger Cookies
 Bake them up! (But don't over-bake them. You want them to be nice and soft. Trust me on this.)

Add the magically delicious stuff. Then smoosh the whole thing together!

Perfection.  Bliss in every bite!


  1. I LOVE gingersnaps, and was attempting to make some last week in the midst of all the chaos. I may just try these this week!
    I think your blog looks great! I have taught myself Photoshop/blog design too, makes me crazy when something doesn't work right and oh the time I've wasted trying to find a solution. ;)

  2. Those cookies sound so good! If I wasn't trying to BE good, I'd make them. They look like the perfect cookie to smoosh on some icing.

    I think the blog looks great. There is such a learning curve with Photoshop! It kind of makes you want to just kick the computer, kind of like the tire on a broke down vehicle.

    Not that I know anything about those feelings.


  3. Uh...YUMMY! These things look so good.
    Kudos to you for fixin your own stuff...I have to sweet talk RanchGirl to save me! lol
    It's soooo over my head.

  4. I LOVE the orange. Seriously. Looks great on here!

    Now, I am a huge gingerbread fan too...and just looking at these photos has caused me to become deliriously hungry and gain ten pounds, just at the sight alone. Shame on you. I will try these out for sure!

  5. I know I don't comment.. ever... but I read your blog all the time. It has given me many giggles and thoughts for life. Orange is one of my favorite colors so I love the new look! The cookies look delicious! Icecream can give anything a good extra 'kick'! Nothing like it!
    Keep up the writing!