Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 Random Things

1. Since we've moved, our kids have been riding their horses nearly every day.  After they all finish eating breakfast, the kids hop on their noble steeds and tinker around all morning. Sometimes they saddle them, but usually they just ride them bareback. They've discovered that Jake can be ridden perfectly with only his halter and a lead rope for reins.  All of this "tinkering around" is starting to pay off. We had 3 top three finishes in last weekend's 4-H horse show in the trail and bareback classes.  The kids are working hard to memorize their patterns for the different classes in the county fair show, but it doesn't seem like work for them since there's nothing better for the inside of a kid than the outside of a horse.

2. Despite having to abandon the garden I planted this summer before we moved, we have still been able to reap the harvest of some of it, thanks in part to my father-in-law who transplanted portions of the young seedlings to his own garden plot.  We've also been able to drive over to the abandoned garden and harvest some vegetables that are thriving hidden among the 5 ft. weeds. It's sad to see my old garden looking so pitiful, but I'm thankful for the veggies, anyway.

3. Our boy just turned 12 this week, and to tell you the's killing me. I can't wrap my brain around the idea of him driving in a few years, and possibly leaving the nest in a few more.  My husband and I are sobered by the amount of teaching that is ahead, and the fact that most of the skills he learns in the next six years will shape his future as an adult. I told my friends on Facebook that just yesterday, our lil' cowpoke rode a thousand miles on his rocking horse, and today he's turned into a young man overnight.

4. Every time I fill up the water tanks and check the yearlings, two of last year's calves come running up to me like 1000 lb. dogs.  They love it when we scratch all over their heads, and they nudge us to keep it up whenever we put our hands down. Interestingly, both of the steers that seek us out in the pasture were pulled at birth from heifers. I have a theory that we unknowingly imprinted them like foals. HA! It's going to rip me up inside when we have to say goodbye to them this fall. They are such sweethearts!

5. I risked life and limb to take this picture of the "end of the rainbow" without wrecking my truck while driving  in town this week.  I'm sad to report that there was no pot of gold in sight.

6. Occasionally, I find random pictures on my camera that my kids took. This is one of them.  Despite the mud....Look at the booty on that hog!!!! 4 Weeks until the county fair.

(I share only the highest quality pictures with my blog friends...HAHAHA!)

7. I just got 8 boxes of books delivered to my front door, today.  This means that homeschooling starts on Monday morning. Mama's crying, "BooooHooooo" and the kids are screaming, "YaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!" Because of all of the moving and packing, I feel like I didn't really get much of a summer, but the kids are excited for the new school year.  

Keepin' it real with muddy pig butts,



  1. Great job on the 4H prizes - Super fun!
    I can't wait to plant a garden next year, I missed out this year!
    Hope D had a great b-day! I will probably have a huge melt down when mine turns 12. Oh vey!
    Love that rainbow picture!
    I can't believe the fair is only 4 weeks away...
    Happy Friday Friend! xo

  2. Good job at the shows. Nothing like tinkering around with the horses. Every one benefits! Beautiful rainbow. I am always hoping to find a pot of gold too! No luck! The babies grow up so darn fast! It's so sad! My "little" guy will be going to grad school fall 2014! OMG! He will always be my little punk! :)

  3. 1000 pound dog and the backend of a pig! Living on a farm is a source of entertainment. A great picture of a rainbow! I do hope you are planning on putting a few of your pictures in the fair too!

    Blessed Kiddos to get to morning, afternoon and evening rides! Lucky Horses.

    School starting there too? Everyone around here has started too! I refuse to start back with a full schedule until after Labor day! I am squeezing every ounce of summer left right now.

  4. Yea for a few veggies from the abandoned garden...wish you were closer, I would be happy to share my garden goodies with you!
    Good Lookin pigs!! We finished our county fair 2 weeks starts for the boys on Thursday. I'm not sure I'm ready for summer to be over yet. We have had about 25" of rain in the last 30 days and very UNseasonable it hasn't felt like summer! NOT complaining, just stating a fact. We can say we are no longer in drought conditions and the crops and hay fields are Gorgeous! Praise God!