Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Of Canadians and New Quilts

 Last week, some of my Canadian family flew into Phoenix for a visit. To this day, I can't understand why they willingly choose to fly into an inferno every summer, but I'm always excited to see them. My aunt Cindy, cousin Sharon, and her daughter Emma, made the long journey from Quebec, and the kids and I drove down to visit them for a few days.

Aunt Cindy is the closest person to my mom that I have left, and some of her mannerisms and sayings remind me of my mother so much that it's a comfort to just be around her. She came out to my dad's house to go through some of my mom's things, and she shared lots of stories and pictures of their growing-up years.

My family always comes bearing gifts, but this time they really outdid themselves. They brought us treats and gifts from Canada, including maple syrup made right in Quebec.

And then my Aunt Cindy surprised me with the MOST BEAUTIFUL quilt that she had been making me for the last two years.  I was stunned. 

Anyone who knows anything about quilts, knows that it takes a ton of time to design them, cut the fabric, and sew it all together. Plus, the one she made for me is hand quilted, and has a beautiful decorative edging on it. I know it took my aunt countless hours to hand-stitch it for me.

I love the way it looks on our log bed, and it's nice and heavy for those long, cold winters.

Now that I have a new quilt, I want to re-do the whole bedroom with new curtains, maybe a rustic oval rug for the floor, some pictures for the wall....

And while I'm at it, I'd like to buy the matching log dresser and night stands that we could never fit into our tiny old bedroom.  After almost 13 years of marriage, I think it's time to get rid of my husband's childhood dresser and the t.v. tray night stand and buy ourselves some real furniture.

 It looks very sparse, barren, and plain in our new bedroom at the moment.  It's like a blank canvas in need of a painter.

Do you see what a new quilt will do for you?  It's like a chain reaction that leads to wanting a whole new bedroom.

 Now, if I can just convince my husband that we need all of this....



  1. Wow! What a beautiful quilt! It is perfect for your bed! Your aunt is AWESOME!
    I'm voting for the matching log dresser and night stands! (We still have funny old furniture too, and I know you're not complainin', but at some point it is nice to furnish rooms with stuff you actually picked out!)
    Glad you had a nice visit!

  2. That is an amazing quilt! My MIL made me one for our bed too. All sewn by hand. Yep, I agree time for the log dresser and bed tables. Coming from me who still has mismatched furniture! :) Just gave Hubby's old dresser to my son for his new apartment! LOL!

  3. After sixteen years of marriage, my husband and I FINALLY brought a new dresser!! The quilt is beautiful.....and what is more beautiful is the love woven in it. What precious memories!

  4. LOVE that quilt...that is so awesome! I vote for the dresser and nightstands! My hubby and I finally got bedroom furniture several years ago! I had to laugh, my husband was just reminding me several days ago about how I "made him get rid of all his old furniture" lol
    That bedroom is HUGE!

  5. That quilt is gorgeous!!! I want new bedroom furniture... we have the set that came from J's grandpa!

  6. Oh I love that quilt! And your bed, and the size of your bedroom! haha.