Thursday, February 27, 2014

Photo Challenge Days 22-27

Day 27: Scarf - (Awkward Selfie)

Day 26: Boots- A throw-back picture from when our baby was two years old. She loved to wear her daddy's boots around everywhere.

Day 25: Feeding Time

Day 24: Rust- Our old, antique squeeze chute that I love to hate. It keeps things from getting too western, but that's about it. (At least it's paid for.)

Day 23: Muscle- I found this drawing that my son made, and had to use it for the muscle pic. We definitely don't have a future artist in the family, but at least he has a healthy self-image. HA!

Day 22: Hat- Keeping it real. When it's cold and windy, it's best to keep your ears warm, and not worry about looking cool. :)

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