Monday, April 5, 2010

The Loot and the Problem

Hello, I am a full grown woman with three children of my own, and I still get an Easter Basket. Yep, not only do my parents still get me an Easter Basket, but my husband gets one too. And we fight over the candy, and don't share well with others. And all of this shameful behavior occurs on the day we celebrate Our Blessed Savior's Resurrection.
I'm not talking about a few peeps, and a chocolate bunny. I'm talking about POUNDS of candy. Every secret indulgence is in my basket. Every candy that I long for but can't find other times of the year is in there. Here's the loot.

Now here's the problem. My brother just got engaged, which means there's gonna be a wedding, which means I'm gonna buy a dress, which means I need to get in shape. My mother, the one who hand selected the above, aforementioned candy, asked me to be her "exercise accountability partner". She asked me, knowing that I would be receiving this bounty of sinful delights the very next morning. Is that fair? Couldn't she wait until after I devoured my bag of Reese's peanut butter eggs? How can I possibly enjoy every last morsel of my candy, knowing that I have to "jog them off".

But the See's Chocolate Butter Creams?

I'd gladly jog a hundred miles for a box of See's Chocolate Butter Creams. In fact, I think I'll devour all the Easter Candy, and just have my "30 day Shred" workout video playing on a continuous loop for the next 4 months. I'll stash a few pieces of candy in my cheeks, like a chipmunk, and lace up my jogging shoes. Any calories consumed while jogging are immediately canceled out.

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