Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday Evening Fishing

After a relaxing day of football, we decided to take the family down the road to one of our favorite lakes to do a little fishing.  We're always up for a little adventure, and the evening sun was beckoning us to come out and play.  As you can see, my son takes fishing pretty seriously..... the girls, on the other hand....don't.
My middle child kept getting her line tangled up in her brother's, and she wanted to change lures every 3 casts.  My baby chose to put a chunk of Kentucky Fried chicken on her Barbie pole, and just floated it in the water right next to the boat so she could see it.  One time it got stuck in the trolling motor and she cried.

  After an hour of untangling the rat's nest in the trolling motor, getting hooks unsnagged from the weeds, fixing poles, and navigating the boat so I could get pretty pictures of birds, my poor defeated husband finally gave up on catching any fish, and surrendered to the forces that be.  I wanted to take a self portrait of the two of us, and he decided to do his best "Zoolander" modeling pose.  Dork.  I think he realized that the fish weren't biting so he might as well lighten up and goof off.

The lake was gorgeous that evening!
Here's a picture of a Blue Heron that I took.  We were watching it fish on the shoreline, when my son's wild casting scared it away....luckily I have lightning fast reflexes in my pointer finger, and a hair trigger on the camera.  Isn't it beautiful?!!!

And here was the best part of the evening....sunset on the water.
Here's another view 10 minutes later from a different location on the lake.  God paints the most beautiful sunsets.
Another adventurous family outing came to a close, and we all got quiet as the sun went down on another day.  We enjoyed the stillness of evening as we made our way back to the dock by moonlight.

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