Monday, September 27, 2010

Yep, that's right! We've been spending some time soaking up sunshine, and having a ball on vacation.  Our first stop was the beach.  The afternoon was perfect for a visit to the sea, and our mountain kids were in awe of the "hugeness" of the water. 

Once they figured out how to jump in the waves, we couldn't drag them out.  They loved it!  There's nothing like the salty breeze coming off of the water, and the feel of wet sand between your toes.  It's really therapeutic.

After we were thoroughly covered in sand and salty water, and had collected every pretty seashell and rock, we decided to cruise down the road for a bite to eat.  Swimming and sunshine made us ravenous, so we stopped to have some mahi-mahi tacos and fish burritos.  YUM! There's nothing like a delicious fish taco with a little bit of lime squeezed on it.

We had such a relaxing afternoon on the water! It was a great start to an amazing vacation.

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