Friday, October 1, 2010

Are you a Button Pusher?

While we were driving in the big city of Los Angeles, I made the weirdest observation.  Now I must pose the question to you, my faithful readers:

Why is it that when pedestrians are at an intersection, they feel the need to push the street crossing button multiple times?????

Once I pointed this out to my husband, we couldn't help but watch people at every street corner....and near Disneyland there are a LOT of pedestrians on the sidewalks to watch.  Virtually every one of them pushed the crossing button more than once.  It's ridiculously funny to watch! We must ask ourselves the following questions:

 "Will the light turn faster if I keep pushing the button?" 

"Will one button push be enough?"

I've categorized button pushers into a few different groups.

A. People who are in a massive hurry and push the button with lightening speed, just like the pig on "Toy Story" pushes the remote control.

B. People who push the button 3 to 5 times "just in case it makes a difference."

C. People who give one long push to be sure that the signal went through.

D. People who give only one quick push because they really don't care.  OK...who am I kidding...these people don't exist.

Most kids are in the "lightening speed" category.  I, myself, used to be in the 3 to 5 push range, but after seeing how ridiculous this looks, I have changed my ways.  I'm now a " one long push" pedestrian.  Old habits die hard though, and sometimes I had the insatiable urge to push the button again. But I resisted temptation. It may be a while before I'm walking in a city again, but I'm making a mental note so I can save myself the embarrassment.  I just hope I don't forget.

What kind of button pusher are you?

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  1. I'm a one long push girl myself! I figure the people who wired it must have known what they were doing....