Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Wrap-up

This gal would "kill" for a manicure.
This weekend my brother and his lovely wife came for a visit, and we've been having a great time together, but yesterday we parted ways for the day so they could take in the beauty of the mountain in it's fall splendor with a hike and lunch while we drove over an hour to a town covered in tumbleweeds and rocks for my son's football game.  The picture above is one of that town's main attractions.

Imagine my surprise, if you will, when we drove up to the football stadium and I found it to be quite lovely and built right into the rocks.  I'm certain that it's the prettiest thing that town has ever built.

Here's my boy waiting for the play in the huddle.  He played tight-end and middle linebacker yesterday, and we smoked the other team, 28-0.

Here's a picture of another tight-end.  This one belongs to my husband.  It's hard to concentrate on the game when he's out there posing like that.

Below is a picture of this town's scenery in a nutshell.

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

Afterward, we headed back so we could fix the fence from the many attempted escapes of some of our weaned calves.  Here's a picture of the ring leader, and her accomplices.

These three little rascals are the naughty bunch.  We decided to put in a babysitter for them, so now they are under the watchful eye of an old, dried up Angus Mammy cow who will keep them in line if they try to hop the fence.  The second she arrived on the scene, they instantly bonded with her.

It just goes to show you  that what kids really want is discipline, supervision, and a good set of matter what they say!


  1. Hope your son's team won. Some awesome rocks.
    I gottah kick out of the naughty bunch. Lol! Hope you have an adventurous week ahead.

  2. So cute about the cows and their mammy!