Monday, October 4, 2010

Pickin' Pumpkins

This Weekend was loaded with fabulous fall activities.  After an awesome football game, we made a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch to carefully select our favorite fall decorations.

Here are the punkin' pickers!

We told the kids that if they could lift the pumpkin, they could have it!  My baby gave this one a valiant effort but when it wouldn't budge, she decided to sit on it instead.

We selected an entire wheel barrow full of the most beautiful and unusual decorative gourds, Indian corn and a variety of pumpkins including the traditional orange, white, light green, and a dark green/orange mix.  I love the variety!

My pumpkin princess is ready for her close up.

Goofing around.

I love, love, love the beautiful colors in Indian corn. Each ear that we pick is like a little surprise because you never know what color you'll get when you pull back the husk.

By the time we left, the sky turned an ominous color, and it was such a beautiful backdrop for the corn field.  We had some great quality time spent with the family, and now we're loaded up with fall decorations.



  1. What a beautiful family picture above!!! You have a gorgeous family! xo

  2. Loved the pictures. Looks like you had a terrific time. Ah yes, I remember Pete without his mustache now. :) Gracie looks great in orange. It's definetly her color. :) Love and miss you all...Mom