Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lip Liner, Turtle Pee, and Dead Cats

I have THE most supportive friends....EVER.  They currently have me in some type of protective cocoon, but even when my life isn't in crisis mode...they ROCK.

1. Do you know that my friend Dawn once brought my lip liner to my house at 10:30 pm because I left it sitting on a table, and she knew that I desperately need to have my lip liner???  I didn't even ask her to.  She was just looking out for me and the health and well being of my 10:30pm.  That's love.

2. Last summer, I was in a deep conversation with my friend Deana in her front yard while she was holding her kids' turtle.  We were discussing something major when all of the sudden the turtle started to pee ALL OVER HER! 

Did you know that small turtles can produce GIANT volumes of turtle pee??? I didn't know this either until I witnessed it with my own eyes. It seemed like quarts  gallons of turtle pee flowed out of that turtle's hoo hoo. It was really unbelievable.

I could not stop laughing!

Her white shirt and jeans were soaked to the skin....and yet she kept wanting to listen to the rest of what I had to say.

A turtle pee'd on her, and she still wanted to be a good friend and listen to me despite her drenching!!

I had to tell her that what I had to say was not nearly as important as getting the turtle pee off of her.

That's a good friend, right there.

3. My friend Gina used to exercise with me several times a week.  We would walk several miles up and down the road while pushing strollers. Along our route, we would pass this dead cat lying off the side of the road near the ditch.  My middle daughter was two years old, and EVERY time we passed the dead cat, she would ask, "What's wrong with that kitty?"

Each time, I would totally lie and tell her the kitty was just sleeping.

Even though Gina is a Pastor's wife, she still remained my friend, and continued to walk with me, despite the fact that I lied to my child about the dead cat on at least 15 occasions.  That's love.

Not everyone has such devoted friends, but I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with many of them.  They are priceless to me!

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