Monday, March 7, 2011

Mega Mind

My brother has been lobbying for us all to refer to him as "Mega Mind" ever since he took my kids to see the movie in the theater. As his one and only sibling, I naturally balk at calling him anything that would puff up his ego, but I halfway considered calling him this for the following reason:

My brother has an exceptionally large head.

He wants me to call him "Mega Mind" because of his exceptionally superior intellect.


My entire family infiltrated his house last week, and 5 of us crashed on his couch and took over his bathroom, and ate his food, and filled his house from top to bottom with floral arrangements.  During this time, I happened to be checking my email on his computer when I discovered a textbook laying open to the following page:
This means ABSOLUTELY nothing to me! It looks like Chinese, sounds like Mumbo Jumbo, and makes me itch when I try to read it.

Here's a close up:

Does this make any sense to you?

Evidently, this is from a Statics textbook.

Do you know what "Statics" is all about???

Neither do I!

Here's the definition:

Statics is the branch of mechanics concerned with the analysis of loads (force, torque/moment) on physical systems in static equilibrium, that is, in a state where the relative positions of subsystems do not vary over time, or where components and structures are at a constant velocity. When in static equilibrium, the system is either at rest, or its center of mass moves at constant velocity.
By Newton's first law, this situation implies that the net force and net torque (also known as moment of force) on every body in the system is zero. From this constraint, such quantities as stress or pressure can be derived. The net forces equaling zero is known as the first condition for equilibrium, and the net torque equaling zero is known as the second condition for equilibrium.

Not only does my brother know how to do this type of math....but he teaches a "Statics" course at a major university.  I cannot utter it's name because:

a. It's my rival school.
b. I loathe it.
c. I don't want to taint my blog with it's disgusting name.

What is important to know is that some of these "Statics" problems take up to six pages of mathematics in order to solve them.  They're hard.  Really hard.

I hate math.

After I realized that my brother teaches this Chinese looking math to other people, I decided that maybe....just maybe, he might deserve to be called "Mega Mind" after all.

In fact, you can just refer to me as "Mega Mind's Sister" from now on.  I'm cool with that.

(Mega Mind's Cooler Sister)

If you understand "Statics", I'll gladly refer to you as "Mega Mind" too.


  1. That's hysterical Lynell (aka Mega Mind's Sister)! That must be a brilliant university to employ such a megamind. =) Love you guys,

    p.s. I slept and/or ditched 80% of my statistics classes, so I'm glad your brother went--cause I sure as heck have no idea what that's all about either!

  2. I did really well in Math in highschool. I didn't need it to take graphic design in college. And when you mentioned Statics, I thought you were talking about static cling. Just rub a dryer sheet on that and it will clear right up.