Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tarzan's Death Defying Feat

My brother, also known as "Megamind", just got back from a missions trip to Fiji.  While he was there, he decided to trade in brains for brawn and try his hand at jungle vine swinging. In his attempt to imitate Tarzan, there was a massive equipment failure, and things went down hill from there.

In Tarzan's defense, the local guide assured him that the vine would hold the weight of two grown men.  Seeing as how my brother was green in the ways of vine swinging, he decided to take the guy at his word. The local man swung on the vine successfully, and then my brother took a small test swing.  When that went alright, he moved further up the hill for maximum swinging distance, and subsequently, more height to plunge to the ground with.

I'm so thankful my brother didn't get hurt worse.  A couple of broken ribs, a giant bruise on the lower back, and the wind knocked out of the lungs is not too bad when you consider how much worse things might have been.  There were so many injuries on the trip that I'm pretty sure the Fijian hospital staff knew the entire crew on a first name basis. 

With the exception of the occasional sneeze which puts him in agony, I think Megamind is healing nicely.  His wife has grounded him, and I'm afraid his Tarzan days are over for a while.

Examining the broken vine.

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