Monday, April 18, 2011

7 Things

As the ground awakens and new life springs forth, so our days seem to be filled with a flurry of new activity.  The past few weeks have been a non-stop marathon, and finding balance is at the top of my priority list for the week.  When we don't even have time to eat a meal together at the dinner table, this momma bear starts to get grumbly.  Here are my ramblings from our busy week:

1. My children only have two weeks of  co-op left before we break for the summer months. WooHoo! Last week, they made these cute little spring time bunnies in art class out of rocks.  They have paint brush bristles for whiskers, and a cotton ball tail. I think they're kind of adorable.

2.  After a full year of pampering, Spike the succulent is in full bloom! I never thought this day would come! If you've never read about my unusual relationship with Spike, you should read about it by clicking HERE.

Isn't he beautiful?!?! I'm so proud that he's blooming!

3. My son has been taking his "Hunter's Safety" course for the past few weeks, and he passed his test with flying colors, which means that he will get to go on his very first elk hunt in the fall.  He attended his field day on Saturday, and to quote my 9 year old, "It was AWESOME!"

The field day is held at our local cinder pit.  My son's class was the largest that the instructors have ever seen with nearly 150 students enrolled! Our area is full of outdoorsmen who love to hunt and fish, and it's evident that they are passing their love for the outdoors down to the next generation.
There were 6 stations for the kids to rotate through.  Gun cleaning, muzzle loader, Rifle, Shotgun, archery, and a simulated hunt.

Here's my son receiving instruction before he loads and shoots the muzzle loader.

At another station, he shot a .22 rifle.

He was required to shoot his rifle from several different positions.  He took 1st place among his classmates. (He got his skillz from his mother. Wink Wink.)

Afterward, our favorite meat packer sponsored lunch for everyone.

My boy's had over 30 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction, and he'll finally graduate on Tuesday night. It's been fun for the guys in my house, but I'll be glad when it's over and life can get back to normal.

4. Our regular Little League baseball season is starting up again, (my son's club team goes year round) and that means that our family is pulled into 3 different directions every evening.  My baby is excited to play her first year of Tee-ball. My oldest daughter is slugging away in coach pitch, and my son is on my husband's minor league team.  We were at the baseball field three times, for a total of 7 hours, this weekend and I've got the sunburn to prove it. The first weekend that we have warmer temperatures, the entire mountain is full of people sporting pink cheeks and red legs.  We throw caution to the wind and leave the sunscreen at home so we can get a good "base tan".  Ha Ha! Yeah right.  I'll spare you the pics of the destruction.

5. I've been spring cleaning this week. It's a thankless job, but somebody's got to do it. I've finally discovered the one task that is worse than than blinds. YUCK. I loathe going over each individual slat with a rag. It's so tedious and detailed. Every tiny nook and cranny must be wiped down. It's like milking a cat.

6.  It's been w-i-n-d-y here, and my 5 year old begged me to let her check the mail by herself.  I watched from the front window as she made her way to the road and got up on her tip toes to reach in the box.  When she pulled everything out, a big gust of wind came up and blew some of the mail out of her hands.  As she was chasing it, some more mail started flying around the yard. This started a chain reaction of mail loss that had her running around stomping on paper to keep it from blowing away. Our local newspaper (that we receive by mail) and all of the advertisements and coupons were scattering everywhere! Her big brother and sister ran to her rescue, and helped her wrangle a stack of no less than 50 pages of coupons, envelopes, and newspaper sections. 

 I couldn't help but chuckle when I heard her cry, "You guys! I didn't need your help!" as she made her way up the walk. 

She came into the house half mad/ half embarrassed, and she said, "I got the mail for you, mommy!" 

"Why, yes you did!" I replied.

Close behind, her brother and sister each handed me another messy and mangled stack of papers.

I spent the next ten minutes sorting through the pile, and combing the yard for missing bills.

Poor baby. I blame it on the blustery day.

7. I am in love with giant Reeses Peanut Butter eggs, and they are an irresistible temptation for me. I will have to jog a marathon to burn off the calories from the quantity that I've consumed in the last two weeks. But it is SO worth it.  They only come around once a year, you know.

Hope you have a great Monday!


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