Monday, April 11, 2011

Eye Glass Case Tutorial


2 pieces of coordinating fabric measuring 8"x9"
1 piece of thin  quilt batting measuring 8"x9"
pattern for sewing glass case can be printed off from the following link:

First, decide which piece of fabric that you want on the outside of the case, and which you would like for the inside.  Here's what I chose for the sake of this tutorial:

Cut the outside fabric and the batting with the pattern, then flip the pattern backwards to cut the inside fabric so that it will match the outside fabric when right sides are pressed together.

As you can see, my batting is very lightweight.  Thin felt works nicely as well.

Here are all three of my fabric pieces.

Here they are in relation to the pattern.  Note that the pink fabric has the curved edge facing the opposite direction.

Next, layer the pieces in the following order:

Bottom: batting
Middle: Top fabric with right side facing up
Top: Inside fabric with right side facing down.

(Hint: the two fabrics should be right sides together on top of batting.)

Using the edge of the presser foot as your guide, sew up the side, around the top curve, and down the other side of the three sandwiched layers.  LEAVE THE BOTTOM OPEN.

 After sewing the layers, trim the fabric close to the seam.
OK, here's where it gets tricky. Take the corner with the rounded edge(right side), and push the seam in so that it meets up with the seam on the left side which has the squared edge.

When the two seams are pushed together, it will form a tube with your inside fabric.  Make sure that the fabrics line up closely and as straight as possible all the way up the left hand seam.  You may want to pin it in place.

Here's what it will look like when it's in place. Now lay the tube flat so that it looks like the picture below.
Sew a seam all the way up the left side.  It will be close to the original seam.  Make sure your seam catches the fabric that you tucked in.

Next, you are going to open the tube of inside fabric, and flip the case so that the inside fabric is now showing on the outside.

Here's my tube, and I'm going to push my material through when I flip it.

Now, my glasses case is inside out, as shown in the picture below.

Notice that the bottom is open.  Sew a seam across the bottom.  I sewed two seams close together for good measure. :)  Next, trim the fabric close to the seam.

Now flip your eye glass case right side out, and you are finished!

 This is a quick and easy project that can be completed in under 30 minutes!

 Happy Sewing!


  1. thank you for posting seems so simple:) i really appreciate all of you help and effort during this project. and thank you for picking up those pillows for us. your blog is adorable. -Trish (Magan's mom)

  2. Thank you Trish, I hope this post will help the girls! I know that, for me, it always helps to have some pictures!

  3. I am making one!

  4. Thanks for this pattern. I had a hard time with the "tricky" part but once I figured out that you sew on the FOLDED side and not on the open flap it all came together. Thanks for the pattern!

  5. Thanks for the pattern! And the instructions. I too had a bit of trouble with the "tricky" part but finally figured it out. I also have to admit, I screwed up twice....both times it was my fabric placement. Glad I had enough fabric!! Even after sewing for 43 years mistakes can happen! Thanks again!!

  6. Help- the link to the pattern doesn't seem to be working.
    Thanks, Kim

  7. I finally figured this out! After ripping my stitches out for the second time, I realized that I wasn't turning the lining fabric by itself. I had stitched it right but wasn't turning it right. Anyway, thanks for posting this. The original post made no sense to me and I kept searching for someone who could explain it to me. Thanks. Now I need a stiff drink (and I don't drink)!