Friday, September 9, 2011

Liquid Gold in a Bottle

For the first time in my life, I spent a total of $30.00 for a  big bottle of shampoo and a big bottle of conditioner.  I nearly passed out.  This is so unlike me that I started to get sweaty palms when I paid for it.  I even had to take a few deep breaths.  But you know what? I'm glad I did it. I've been talking about buying better quality shampoo for years, but when it comes time to actually make the purchase, I always chicken out.  I'm just frugal.  $30.00 can stretch a LONG way in my budget.

My hair needed some serious TLC, and I've been desperate to take better care of it, so I bought it. Besides, the conditioner makes my whole head feel like a giant peppermint patty.  It's a lovely experience.  The cool, tingly, minty sensation is what sold me on the whole thing.  If it's must be working, right?!?

I'm going to put it far out of the reach of my children, and threaten them with 10 years hard-time if they even touch my liquid gold in a bottle.

Why am I going to threaten my kids? Because I WAS a kid, and I know what kids do with shampoo and conditioner.

When I was little, I once poured my mom's shampoo and conditioner together into one bottle so the family could save time in the shower by shampooing and conditioning in one easy step.

On numerous other occasions, I poured out shampoo to make the floor of the shower slippery so I could slip-n-slide back and forth while pretending to be on ice skates.

I would also use a giant handful of conditioner when I liked the smell...that way my hair was "extra" peachy. My mom always wondered why the conditioner and shampoo never ran out at the same time. LOL!!

That's why I buy my kids the cheap $1 dollar stuff that smells like strawberries, watermelon or bubble gum.  Then I don't have to worry about anything.  If my kids decide to use cheap shampoo as a creative medium for fun, or if they decide to give the dogs a bath with it, then I can let it go.  If they use my good stuff to slick down the shower walls, I might cry.

These bottles should last several months, and if they improve the health of my hair, I may just make the sacrifice again.  If they don't do anything more than make my head feel tingly, then at least I've made a minty fresh memory.

Taking Financial Risks For my "Crown of Glory",



  1. I too buy the cheap shampoo and conditioner for my kids. Many times, when I would leave my 4 year old daughter in the tub to play, I would come back to find the bottle of shampoo completely empty. She has dumped many bottles to make LOTS of bubbles is what she told me the reason being. So, I've learned if I leave the bathroom either take the shampoo with me or hide it. LOL Hope that your $30 purchase helps you hair. I haven't spent close to that much for shampoo and conditioner...I normally spend around $5 each. I love your blog!!

  2. I think with shampoo it's just finding the right stuff for your hair.I've used the really expensive stuff before and it didn't do anything for me,but lately I've been using Suave and my hair looks and feels really nice(and people have been complementing me on my hair too =D).

  3. giggle! Liquid gold in a bottle! That is too funny.

    My hair is a frizzy mess if I use the cheap stuff. Well, actually it is always a little frizzy and always big!! So, I buy the $1.00 shampoo for everyone else and the $30 bottles for me! I have noticed that if I am use well-water then my hair looks fine with the cheaper shampoo. But, if I use treated city water than I have to use the better shampoo! :)

    I can smell the mint smell from here! ;) Isn't it wonderful?!

  4. I started buying shampoo that is sulfate free for us and we have both noticed a huge difference. It is a bit more expensive (though not $30), but it is soooo worth it. We won't be going back to the other stuff now. Hopefully you like your new shampoo and it works great. :)