Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Lovely Surprise...Not.

It was a sunny afternoon.

We checked on the heifers.

They were happily munching on green grass.

We walked down the ditch to change the irrigation.

The water was flowing nicely.

 We walked up the ditch to check for debri that could block the water flow.  Then I spotted it.  I have a trained eye.  Do you spot it????????

Look again.

Say hello to my little friend.

Have you ever seen a snake swim through the water? It totally creeps me out!  The first time I watched Lonesome Dove and saw the swarm of water moccasins float down the river and bite that young cowboy who was crossing on his horse, I cried. Now it's all I can think about when I see snakes swimming. 

When the irrigation water rushes through the ditch in the pasture, it temporarily displaces the snakes from their homes in the pipes.  I saw two snakes this time.  Two snakes is two too many!!!

I quit. Snake wrangling is not in my job description. I'm grossly underpaid for the hazards I endure. 

Just kidding.  I kind of like these little surprises. They keep life interesting.  Besides...."Danger" is my middle name.  ;)


  1. You see that puff of smoke Lynell, that's me, or was me before I took off at top speed in the opposit direction followed by an anxiety attack upon arrival to my "safe" destination.

  2. I definately saw the snake right off...I don't love them...but I do prefer to see them at that distance first!