Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding Beauty in the Winter Months

During the doldrums of the long winter when the world around me is shrouded in shades of brown and white, I look forward to little visits from our feathered friends.  They bring so much color and life to an otherwise gray day. 

I tried to keep my camera handy today to show you a few of the regulars around here.

A  couple of Steller's Jays frequently hang around outside my window in the mornings.

We can see the lake from our house, and have just started to hear the sounds of Canada Geese stopping by for their annual migratory visit.

A  few minutes later, it started to snow making my pictures blurry.

As I was taking pictures of the geese, my husband spotted another resident of the lake  high up in the tree in the photo below.

Here's a closer look.  Do you see the Bald Eagle?    

We are blessed to have many Bald Eagles that fish in our lake.  They fly directly over our house each evening with a fish in their talons as they make their way back to their nesting spot.  I'm going to try harder to get a good picture of them when it's not snowing and the weather is nicer.  They are such majestic birds of prey.

Look for the beauty in your world today!


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  1. Wow! Gorgeous pictures, girl. Amazing animals that God created!
    I SO wanna see more bald eagle pictures!