Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas Road Trip

I just got back from a fabulous Road-trip with some of my very best friends! Our friend Gina and her family moved to Texas a year ago and we were missing her. She's due to have her fourth baby at the end of April, so we thought it would be exciting to hop in a car and go to Texas to see her and throw her a little baby shower.

We had a 17 hour drive through New Mexico and the panhandle of Texas before arriving at our destination in McKinney.  Here we are passing through New Mexico...only 15 hours to go!!!

Here we are with crazy wind-blown hair at the Texas border.  Some strangers took our picture and it was too funny to leave out. I think the winds were at least 50 mph. Ha Ha!We arrived at our hotel at midnight Texas time.  After a little rest, we woke up in the morning, and got ready to go and surprise Gina at her front door step.

We wore these crazy shirts to commemorate the day.  The guy in the lobby took our photo for us.  We were only 20 minutes away from our big SURPRISE!

Don't we look excited!?!

We rolled up to her little place in the countryside, piled out of the car and waited for the big moment!!! We caught a little video of it with an iPhone. It was windy out!

Here I am with Gina!

Her baby belly was the main event!

More of our adventure to come!!


  1. What a fun trip! You were just a hop and a skip from where my Hubby's family all come from, and only a few hours from me! :)

  2. How fun!!!!! What a blessing to have such good friends!