Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Texas Road Trip Continued!

What would a trip to Texas be without a stop to an awesome feedlot? There were cattle as far as the eye could see. In our part of the world, cattle get sold to "buyers" and they load them up on cattle trucks to be shipped to that far-off land called "Texas". My kids thought it was cool to see pictures of the type of places our cattle go to after we sell them.

Every road-trip needs an ice-cream pit stop.  At this Dairy Queen, you can "Texas Size" your meal. So funny!

We also stopped at Cavender's in Amarillo because we don't have one in Arizona.

I bought my husband a little souvenir there. It's a cowhide Bible cover.

After we arrived in McKinney and made our huge surprise stop to pick up Gina, we spent the rest of the day shopping in McKinney Square.

First we ate breakfast at a place called "Spoons".  Then we made our way around the square to shop.

I fell in love with this vintage license plate wall art.  I almost bought it but it was just a teeny bit more than I wanted to pay for it.  Now I'm sad that I left it in the shop. I don't know where I would have put it in my house, but my walls look bare without it. 

Funny sign. We couldn't stop saying "dadgum" after that.

Here is the only armadillo we saw on the whole trip.  We were all looking forward to taking a picture of a real armadillo, dead or alive,  because none of us have ever seen one and Gina told us that armadillo road kill was everywhere.  Evidently they must hibernate in February or something because we never saw a single one! We had no plans to touch one though because we've been told you can get leprosy from them.  Does anyone know if that's really true??? Please enlighten us all if you do.  I always wanted to taste armadillo after hearing a George Strait song that says, "I know a man who cooks armadillo, tastes so sweet he calls it pie".....but now I won't touch it with a ten foot pole because of the leprosy scare. LOL!

I digress....

This shop had the most gorgeous tops in it! We all fell in love with everything on the racks.

Next, we went into a swanky shop called "Sharla's" that had imported goods from Europe. They sold luxurious soaps, perfumes, make-up and more.  They had $200.00 umbrellas from Paris and the most gorgeous hats I've ever seen! They were made by the same designer who makes hats for Princess Kate.  Wouldn't it be fun to buy a fancy hat for the Kentucky Derby or some other event? This hat cost more than my entire trip to Texas...that's all I'll say. I'm not sure we could have afforded anything in that shop, but it was fun to experience it's elegance.

We shopped at an antique mall and I couldn't resist taking these pictures of the creepiest dolls I've ever seen.  I decided to share them with you in case you needed a chuckle today.

 It was a gorgeous day to sip on some iced tea and watch the hustle and bustle of the square.

Later that evening, we changed clothes and came back to the square to eat dinner at an Italian restaurant called "Sauce". It was so much fun!

Then we went back to "Spoons" for dessert and coffee.  We sent this bad camera phone pic below to our husbands who all got together to have a barbecue back home with our combined 21 children! I can only imagine the chaos that ensued.  

 The next day, I didn't take many pictures. We went to a mall in Frisco to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. Then we saw a movie, and shopped 'til we dropped! (At home, our nearest mall is 3 hours away.)

Later that evening, we threw a Baby Shower for Gina!!!

On Sunday, we had to say good bye and make the 17 hour drive back to Arizona.  We always take a foot picture before we leave.  We had our traveling shoes on that day, and I think our different shoes are representative of our vastly different personalities.  We come from all walks of life with unique strengths and interests. What's amazing is that we each have something special to add to the group and we are all the very best of friends!

We had a ball in Texas, and made lots of fabulous memories that will make us smile for years to come.!


  1. I luv girl time!!!! I am so happy u get away for the funtimes that make life a bit more satisfying!!! Looks as though everyone enjoyed!!!

    Debbie S.

    1. Looks like fun and all but lets get to the real crux of the matter: So, let me get this straight… you drove through most of Texas… the second largest state in the union… by all those cattle… and brought back ZERO steaks for your brother?! In a word… Dis-a-ppointing!

  2. I know exactly where that feedlot is. ;) My grandma lives near Amarillo, so we make that trek often. I'm thinking ya'll must have gone through Roswell also?
    I've also frequented that exact Cavendars many times. ;)

  3. Yep, I'd say y'all had a grande ole time!! :)

  4. Looks like a fun trip! Sorry you didn't get to see an armadillo. Armadillos used to fascinate us too until we moved to Missouri and discovered what a total nuisance they are. Seeing them dead on the roads was a lot better than having them root around in the yard though.

    If we would still live there I would make it a point to send you part of a shell, well scrubbed ofcourse. I sent my little brothers an entire armadillo shell that was completely intact. They varnished it and keep it in their room. Much to my Mom's chagrin I'm sure.