Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chicken Neuroses and Other Stuff

Stick a fork in 'er! Baseball season is FINALLY over.

[Insert me doing the Happy Dance.]

Three weeks of our family going in separate directions for ball games, daily 3 hour practices,  long tournaments two hours away, and getting home at midnight...all done.

Now is the time that summer really begins for us.

Free. At. Last.

Now the kids have time to explore, be creative, run through the sprinklers, build things, practice their roping, exercise their pigs, and most importantly....

They have time to ride, ride, ride!

With much angst, we let Hank and Beulah out of their pig pen to start their exercise routine, yesterday.  We were afraid they'd bolt and head straight for the road.  Turns out, we had nothing to worry about. Those pigs are about as lazy as they come. The only thing they wanted to do was walk back to their a snail's pace.

In other news, I feel compelled to discuss the subject of chicken neuroses.  First of all, are chickens capable of having a neurosis? After all, their brains are the size of a pea.

If it IS possible, then one of my chickens has a classic case.

Our hen, Oreo, roams the yard freely all day.  We leave the back door open when the weather is nice, and every single morning, Oreo walks into the kitchen, pecks at an antique wood stove in the corner, and then walks back outside.  Every. Single. Morning.

We used to freak out and the kids would scream, "Chicken in the house! Chicken in the house!".  But after 4 months of this happening, no one even bats an eyeball anymore.  Oreo does her pecking thing in the corner and promptly leaves.  She's never pooped in the house, and never explored any other areas of the kitchen.

Bizarre behavior. Compulsive behavior. Obsessive behavior. I'm not sure what to make of it. She also still lays a green egg every day under the porch, but that's beside the point.  I think Oreo is a very peculiar creature.

We really need a screen door, don't we?

Thanks for listening. I really needed to talk through that.

Off to enjoy our summer,



  1. I can't wait to meet Oreo ☺

  2. Oh my, this cracks me up! My Mom had a chicken who would always try to come in her house. I let mine out every afternoon and they run straight to the bird feeders, they are quite creatures of habit! I'm jealous you can even keep your door open without a screen. Oh my word, we would be inundated with creatures of all kinds, and none as pleasant as Oreo...

  3. How funny.....I think you should rename your chicken "Monk" (Monk is a brilliant detective on T.V. who has an extreme case of OCD!!! It's a great show!).

  4. Maybe she wants a soot bath?

  5. Maybe she's low on iron. :) Lydia